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V -- Portable Vault Relocation Services - Amendment 1

Notice Date
Notice Type
238290 — Other Building Equipment Contractors
Contracting Office
Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau, USPFO for Oklahoma, 3501 Military Circle, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73111-4398
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
John B. Merlette, Phone: 4052285573
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Area where vault will be relocated to. Pallet Rack and other debris will be disassembled and removed by Government View toward front entrance from loading dock View from loading dock where vault will be moved Dock at Norman AFRC where a vault will be offloaded Back Entrance at Norman AFRC, pole is removable Location of Exterior Vault at Norman AFRC Vault at Oklahoma Military Department Exterior Door at Edmond Armory (Exterior View) Exterior Door at Edmond Armory (Interior View) Vault in Edmond Armory Vault in Edmond Armory Amended Solicitation OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD Amended Combined Synopsis/Solicitation for Portable Vault Relocation Synopsis: This is a combined synopsis solicitation for commercial services prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a separate written solicitation will not be issued. This solicitation is issued as a request for proposal (RFP). 1. Requirement: a. Background. The Oklahoma National Guard has a requirement to move existing portable vaults located at both the Oklahoma Military Department (OMD) located at 3505 Military Circle OKC, OK 73111 and the Edmond Armory located at 600 S Bryant Ave Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 with both vaults moving to the Norman AFRC located at 4000 Thunderbird Street Norman, OK 73069. This requirement is subject to availability of funding per FAR 52.232-18. Details on the requirement are to follow. b. Request for Proposal (RFP). Contractors are encouraged to quote services that meet or exceed the requirements listed in the attached Performance Work Statement. Interested offerors are required to submit a price quotation that conforms to requirements listed in the PWS provided. Offeror is to include all labor, material handling equipment and transportation assets necessary to complete performance as applicable. c. Site Visit. A site visit and walkthrough of the requirements will be conducted on February 9, 2016 at 09:00 AM (CST) beginning at the Edmond Armory, then to the Oklahoma Military Department and then a final site visit at the Norman AFRC to allow potential contractors to satisfy themselves regarding all general and local conditions that may affect the cost of contract performance, to the extent that the information is reasonably obtainable including but not limited to vault measurements, route and location of and structural impediments that may affect performance. Please RSVP if planning on attending the site visit at john.b.merlette.mil@mail.mil d. Evaluation. This RFP is subject to availability of funds per FAR 52.232-18. Award will be made on an all or none basis using lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) evaluation criteria for all services conforming to the minimum requirements listed. Offers that exceed funds availability or do not meet minimum item requirements and specifications of the items listed will not be considered for award. The offer must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) to be eligible for award. e. Eligibility for Award. This solicitation is being solicited with a cascading small business set-aside under NAICS 238290 with a size standard of $15.0M. The offeror must be registered under this NAICS in the System for Awards Management (SAM) database at time of award determination in order to be considered for the award. f. Set Aside. Any award resulting from this solicitation will be made using a cascading set-aside order of precedence as follows: 1.1 In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.502-2, Total Small Business Set-Aside Procedures, any award under this solicitation will be made on a competitive basis first to small business concern. 1.2 If there is inadequate competition for award to a small business concern, award will be made on the basis of full and open competition considering all offers submitted by responsible business concerns. g. Eligibility. The prime contractor must complete at least 51% of the work performed to be eligible for award. 2. Installation Requirements: a. Pre-Performance Meeting. After award of contract, the contractor shall attend a pre-performance meeting at the work sites. The contractor shall be solely responsible for measuring the vault(s) and all areas that may impact performance including, but not limited to docks, gates, entrances and any other areas that may impact performance. b. Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). A COR will be appointed by the Government at the time of contract award and will be the Government's primary point of contact (POC) during contract performance. c. Project Manager. The contractor shall provide a Project Manager who will act with full authority of the contractor and shall be responsible for performance of the contract at the work sites. The name of this individual and an alternate shall be provided to the COR not later than 10 days prior to contract start. The Project Manager shall be responsible for the work and actions of the relocation crew. The Project Manager shall keep the COR advised of the status of the relocation progress during the performance period. d. Inspection. Upon completion of the relocation, the Contractor or their designated representative and the COR shall verify the move has been accomplished to standards. If discrepancies are found the contractor shall correct the problem within 48 hours and then have work re-inspected by the COR. e. Waste Materials. Contractor shall dispose of any debris materials and waste off site. Hours of installation will be coordinated with COR during normal business hours between 0700 and 1700 hrs Monday through Thursday. f. Liability. The U.S. Government assumes no liability for personal injury or damage to contractor owned property, equipment, and personnel. The Contractor shall exercise caution while working on or and around the Government worksite and shall be held responsible for any damage caused by the negligence of Contractor personnel. The Contractor shall be responsible for the safety and conduct of its employees while working at the Government facility. g. Quality Control. The Contractor shall establish and maintain a complete Quality Control Plan to ensure that the requirements of the contract are provided as specified. One copy of the contractors Quality Control Plan shall be provided to the Contracting Officer (KO) not later than the pre-performance conference. An updated copy must be provided to the KO on the contract start date as changes occur. The plan shall describe the methods of identifying and preventing defects before level of performance becomes unacceptable. h. Quality Assurance. The government shall evaluate the contractor's performance under this contract. All surveillance observations shall be recorded by the government. When the observation indicates defective performance, the COR shall obtain the contractor's representative's initials on the record of the observation. If the contractor is found in either critical or major nonconformance of the contract the COR will inform the contractor in writing that non conforming, deficient services or products may result in withholding of payments, termination for cause, or other action in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation. The contractor, at the time of notification of critical or major nonconformance, will inform the COR of the time necessary to bring the performance into compliance. If the contractor is found in minor nonconformance of the contract the COR will notify the contractor in writing of the items of nonconformance. The contractor will have 48 hours to correct any deficiencies. i. Laws, Regulations, Safety, and Environmental Compliance. The Contractor and its employees shall comply with all laws and ordinances governing the conduct of employees on Government work site. The Contractor shall at its own expense; secure any license or permits required for performance under this statement of work. The Contractor work operations, equipment, and personnel shall abide by and comply with all applicable safety and environmental laws and regulations of the U.S. Government or State as necessary. j. Contractor Manpower Reporting Application: The contractor shall report ALL contractor labor hours (including subcontractor labor hours) required for performance of services provided under this contract for the Oklahoma National Guard via a secure data collection site. The contractor is required to completely fill in all required data fields using the following web addresses: http://www.ecmra.mil/ or https://cmra.army.mil/. Reporting inputs will be for the labor executed during the period of performance during each Government fiscal year (FY), which runs October 1 through September 30. Data shall be reported not later than the first to occur of (1) submission of contractor's final invoice following conclusion of the period of performance or (2) October 31 of each calendar year. Contractors may direct questions to the help desk at help desk at: http://www.ecmra.mil. k. Insurance-Work on a Government Installation In accordance with FAR 52.228-5. The Contractor shall, at its own expense, provide and maintain during the entire performance of this contract General Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage amount of $500,000 per incident. 3. Performance Work Statement: a. Overview. A portable vault is currently located inside the Edmond Armory and is required to be moved to the Norman AFRC warehouse interior to facilitate the storage requirements of CO. C 179 during its relocation to Norman during the Edmond Armory remodel. A secondary vault is located outside of the USPFO Warehouse and is to be transported to the exterior of the Norman AFRC. The relocation project should be completed NLT 25 March 2016. b. Relocation of vault from OMD. Contractor shall provide all necessary personnel, equipment insurance and permits (if required) to move the portable vault from the OMD warehouse to the Norman AFRC where it will be set on an exterior concrete surface. Contractor shall notify the COR if any damaged is found prior to removal of the vault from OMD and any damage found to the vault or facility after the move. The following are the approximate specifications of the vault: Weight is approximately 24,800 lbs Width is approximately 9 ft 4 in Height is approximately 10 ft 8 in Length is approximately 18 ft 6 in c. Relocation of vault from Edmond Armory. Contractor shall provide all necessary personnel, equipment insurance and permits (if required) to move the portable vault from inside the Edmond Armory to inside the Norman AFRC. Contractor shall notify the COR if any damaged is found prior to removal of the vault from Edmond and any damage found to the vault or facility after the move. The Contractor will be required remove the vault from inside the Supply Annex of the Edmond Armory building through a 14'W X 16'H overhead door, load and transport to the Norman AFRC, and then unload the vault inside the Norman AFRC. The Contractor will be required to unload the vault at a dock located at the Norman AFRC that is approximately 61" H and 13' long before entering the overhead door, and then move the vault through an overhead door that is approximately 10'W X 11'11"H to the designated position inside the warehouse. That position is down a corridor with metal caging partitions on either side. The overhead awning over the dock is approximately 13'6"H and extends to the edge of the dock. The following are the approximate specifications of the vault as measured: Weight is approximately 24,800 lbs Width is approximately 9 ft 4 in Height is approximately 10 ft 8 in Length is approximately 18 ft 6 in f. Pricing. Please provide a firm fixed price proposal with total charges for requested services as follows: Item: 0001 Relocation of the portable vault from the OMD to the Norman AFRC Item: 0002 Relocation of the portable vault from the Edmond Armory to the Norman AFRC Item: 0003 Contractor Manpower Reporting Application g. Tax Exempt Status. The Oklahoma National Guard is a federal government entity, and as such is exempt from all local, state, and federal taxes, including but not limited to sales taxes. Any charges or invoicing that includes taxes shall be disputed/declined by Government, if charged or invoiced by Contractor. h. Response to Request for Proposal. Please return proposal by fax or email to POC by 1:00 PM CST on 16 FEB 2016. Point of Contact: If there are any questions regarding this RFP or to submit proposal, please send questions or proposal by email to john.b.merlette.mil@mail.mil or by Fax # 405-606-7921. Close of questions will be at 1:00 PM CST on 10 FEB 2016.
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Place of Performance
Address: 1) Edmond Armory located at 600 S Bryant Ave Edmond, Oklahoma 73034, 2) 3505 Military Circle OKC, OK 73111, 3) 4000 Thunderbird Street Norman, OK 73069, OKC, Oklahoma, 73111, United States
Zip Code: 73111
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