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Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
333318 — Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Mobility Command, 375th Contracting Squadron, 201 East Winters Street, Building 50, Scott AFB, Illinois, 62225-5037, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Joyce Simmons, Phone: 6182569267, Susan Szoke, Phone: 6182569270
E-Mail Address
joyce.simmons@us.af.mil, susan.szoke@scott.af.mil
(joyce.simmons@us.af.mil, susan.szoke@scott.af.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Request for quote attached. Due NLT 22 May 2pm USTRANSCOM Trash Compactor Replacement Statement of Work Purpose: Remove existing trash compactor (SP Industries model SCS-2235) and replace with similar or better model that will fit within the existing area of the loading dock area of building 1900 (508 Scott Dr. Scott AFB, IL 62225). Specifications •· Two yard capacity manufacturer rated charge chamber with 34 yard container •· Remote power unit with weather cover and oil level sight gauge •· Remote controls with remote mounted pressure gauge •· 75% and 100% full light on remote controls •· Thermostat controlled oil heater •· Multi-cycle control capability •· Full rear dump door seal •· 1/2" x 2" roll off rail wear strips •· Fixed position breaker bar teeth •· Ten foot guide angles with wheel stops •· Outside rail understructure with universal hook up •· 480 volt three phase electrical operation with TEFC electric motor •· Hydraulic quick couplers for power unit to compactor hose connection •· Flared to rear fully-enclosed hopper with barn doors and safety interlock switch •· Dimensions (inches): Length x width x height = 266.5 x 99 x 107.5 •· Complete UL Listing on electrical control panel cabinet, power unit and compactor •· Color: Brown Warranty Provide warranty services that includes replace, repair, or restore defective materials and workmanship during warranty period. The warranty period will be at least one year. Installation Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Field Testing Test for proper operation and adjust until satisfactory results are obtained. Demonstration and Training Demonstrate use and safety features to Owner's personnel including: Instruct Owner's operational personnel in proper use and maintenance of equipment, demonstrate capacity ratings, safety features, cleaning procedures, proper storage and handling of raw and processed waste materials. Removal and Disposal Remove and dispose of broken trash compactor in accordance with recommended guidelines and required Federal and State laws. Contractor Consent to Background Checks The contractor and, as applicable, subcontractor shall not employ persons for work on this contract if such employee is identified as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general wellbeing or operational mission of the installation and its population, nor shall the contractor or subcontractor employ persons under this contract who have an outstanding criminal warrant as identified by Law Enforcement Agency Data System (LEADS) through the National Crime Information Center. LEADS checks will verify if a person is wanted by local, state, and federal agencies. All contractor and subcontractor personnel must consent to LEADS background checks. Contractor and subcontractor personnel who do not consent to an LEADS check will be denied access to the installation. Information required to conduct an LEADS check includes: full name, driver's license number, and/or social security number, date of birth of the person entering the installation, and completion of a background check questionnaire. The contractor shall provide this information using the Scott AFB Form 21, Contractors Consent for Background Check, and shall submit it in conjunction with the contractor's request for either base or vehicle passes. Completion of a successful LEADS check does not invalidate the requirement for an escort when contractor or subcontractor personnel are working within controlled or restricted areas. Contractors shall ensure their employees and those of their subcontracts have the proper credentials allowing them to work in the United States. Persons later found to be undocumented or illegal aliens will be remanded to the proper authorities. The contractor shall not be entitled to any compensation for delays or expenses associated with complying with the provisions of this clause. Furthermore, nothing in this clause shall excuse the contractor from proceeding with the contract as required. Badges The contractor is required to provide identification badges for their employees. All contractor personnel shall wear these badges while on duty on the government site. Badges are required to identify the individual, company name, and be clearly and distinctly marked as contractor. Size, color, style, etc. are to be mutually agreed to by contractor and government. The contractor's identification badge will not be used as an entry requirement for installation entry or into any government designated controlled or restricted area. All DBIDS cards/passes will be turned in to the Visitors Control Center upon expiration of pass and/or completion of contract. Contractor Registration of Vehicles on Scott AFB All contractor or contractor employees' vehicles used for the performance of this contract shall comply with all local, state and federal regulations. Additionally any pass shall be surrendered to Security Forces upon demand to positively identify a persons need to be on Scott AFB. Access to Installation during Force Protection Conditions (FPCONs) Contractors will be assigned a mission essential designation IAW requirements contained in Scott Air Force Base Integrated Defense Plan 31-1. Only the installation commander or the unit commander requesting contract support will assign the mission essential designation. Property Protection Property protection for facility where the contractors' primary work center is located will be the responsibility of the local facility manager and local Government Security Manager, or their duly authorized representative IAW AFI 31-101, Integrated Defense and command/local directives. The contractor shall safeguard all government-owned equipment and materials in his/her possession or use. Safeguarding Classified or Unclassified Information The contractor shall meet Air Force standards for storing, processing, and handling classified information and systems. Additionally, all resources (e.g. maps, publication/instructions, photos) provided by the government to assist the contractor in the performance of their contract will be surrendered upon termination of employment or the end of the contract performance period. Non-Disclosure Agreements To safeguard information, the contractor shall enter into non-disclosure agreements with the responsible local security manager. Privacy Act Work on this project requires that personnel have access to Privacy Information. Personnel shall adhere to the Privacy Act, Title 5 of the U.S. Code, Section 552a and applicable agency rules and regulations. Contractors Working in Controlled or Restricted Areas The unit requesting contract support will provide escort (s) for contractors' at all times when within a controlled area. Contractors shall not escort other contractor employees within controlled or restricted areas. In addition, contractors shall fulfill, maintain, and comply with all security requirements IAW Scott Air Force Base Integrated Defense Plan 31-1, and command/local directives. Access To Government Facilities with Controlled or Restricted Areas The contractor shall comply with security regulations imposed by the installation commander and/or the agency responsible for the project location. Due to specific mission requirements inherent in the nature of controlled or restricted areas on Scott AFB, the government may direct the contractor to leave the controlled or restricted areas at any given time. Contractors Responsibilities while Working within Controlled or Restricted Areas Only contractor personnel with proper authority and qualifications shall enter a controlled or restricted area. Certain facilities require the issuance of an AF Form 1199. The government, at any time, may revoke the AF Form 1199. The procedures for the issuance of an AF Form 1199 are contained in Scott Air Force Base Integrated Defense Plan 31-1. Contractors shall not escort other contractor employees within controlled or restricted areas. In addition, contractors shall fulfill, maintain, and comply with all security requirements contained in Scott Air Force Base Integrated Defense Plan 31-1. Access To Government Facilities with Controlled or Restricted Areas for Replacement Contractors The unit requesting contract support will continuously escort replacement contractors, not initially possessing the proper clearances and requiring entry to controlled or restricted areas. Replacement contractors shall submit paperwork within 30 days of being assigned to obtain an approved security clearance or favorable review. Replacement contractor personnel shall obtain a security clearance prior to working with, or having direct access to, classified material. In addition, replacement contractor personnel shall obtain a "Favorable Review" prior to having access to a Controlled Area. The above information shall be submitted to 375 AMW/IP.
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Place of Performance
Address: Scott AFB, Illinois, 62225, United States
Zip Code: 62225
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