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J -- *SPECIAL* De-Installation Medcarousel - Attachment

Notice Date
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811219 — Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;Great Lakes Acquisition Center (GLAC);115 S 84th Street, Suite 101;Milwaukee WI 53214-1476
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Point of Contact
Robert Boesen robert.boesen@va.gov
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Small Business Set-Aside
Statement of Work (SOW) Iron Mountain Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) Pharmacy Department MedCarousel De-Installation SCOPE: The contractor will de-install and remove the MedCarousel from the pharmacy. The MedCarousel is a large device which holds medications. Omnicell model ID is CPA-CAR-061. Approximate dimensions are as follows: 177 inches wide including carrier arm. 78 inches deep at deepest point. 100 inches high at highest point. Approximate weight is as follows 12,244 lbs The Contractor shall protect all existing finishes and follow all Facility Safety Requirements during installation. REQUIREMENTS: Contractor shall and must: Completely De-install and remove all aspects of MedCarousel. Dispose of all aspects of MedCarousel SPECIFIC TASKS: Contractor shall and must: De-install, remove, and dispose of all aspects of MedCarousel. Maintain all environmental controls while working. Clean area after completion of work each day. Protect existing finishes and utilities Provide Infection Control strategies to mitigate risk Conduct all tasks in accordance with Facility Safety Requirements DE-INSTALLATION The Contractor shall provide a system De-Installation Plan (IP) to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or Subject Matter Expert (SME) for approval prior to the start of work. The COR or SME shall approve the IP and return to the contractor. The IP shall include an estimated timeline of the start and completion and estimated unexpected delays/lead time. All de-installation times will be approved by COR, to be completed during off shift (likely 5:00pm-5:00am). 5.0 GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITIES : The Government shall provide the following: 6.1 Conduct environmental impact assessments 6.2 Provide the building infrastructure upon which the system should be de-installed. Note the metal plate with hook installed by the facility for unit installation is located above the ceiling and can be utilized for de-installation. 6.3 Provide site access and escorts through work areas as needed. 6.5 Provide Infection Control Risk Assessment (IFCR) form 6.6 Provide adequate space for the system equipment de-installation 6.0 CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES: The Contractor shall be responsible for the following: 8.1 Contractor shall provide qualified personnel to de-install all equipment. 8.2 Contractor shall be responsible for removal and disposal of all equipment, hours to be determined by COR. 8.4 Contractor is responsible for ensuring the proper disposal of all debris generated from installation activities. 8.5 Contractor is responsible for securing all materials, equipment and tools while on government property or in government facility. Government is not liable for any lost or stolen items that are not properly secured. 8.6 Contractor is responsible for protecting existing finishes and utilities during de-installation. Any damages to facility utilities and/or finishes (ceiling tile, flooring etc.) shall be repaired and/or replaced by the Contractor. 7.0 SECURITY: All vendors are required to check in with facility Police and obtain a vendor access pass prior to entering facilities. Security clearance is not required. 8.0 SAFETY: The Contractor shall comply with all safety and health requirements necessary for the protection of personnel, facilities and equipment including, but not limited to all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards during work. All Contractor personnel shall have completed the OSHA 30-hour or 10-hour Construction Safety Course training to be able to identify hazards within their work area. 8.1 Contractor shall maintain a written safety program, as required by OSHA and available for review by the COR or Contracting Officer. 8.2 Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) shall be performed and an ICRA Permit shall be approved by the ICRA Team and signed by contractor prior to start of work. Contractor shall adhere to ICRA regulations at all time during period of performance. ICRA regulations for this area are as follows: Class III Requirements for Pharmacy: a. During Construction Work: 1) Obtain permit from the Contracting Officer Representative. 2) Remove or Isolate HVAC system in area where work is being done to prevent contamination of duct system. 3) Complete all critical barriers i.e. plastic, to seal area from non-work area or implement control cube method (cart with plastic covering and sealed connection to work site with HEPA vacuum for vacuuming prior to exit) before construction begins. Install construction barriers and ceiling protection carefully, outside of normal work hours. 4) Maintain negative air pressure, 0.01 inches of water gauge, within work site utilizing HEPA equipped air filtration units and monitor as required. 5) Contain construction waste before transport in tightly covered containers. 6) Cover transport receptacles or carts. Tape covering unless solid lid. b. Upon Completion: 1) Do not remove barriers from work area until completed project is inspected by the Contracting Officer Representative and thoroughly cleaned by the VA Environmental Services Department. 2) Remove construction barriers and ceiling protection carefully to minimize spreading of dirt and debris associated with construction, outside of normal work hours. 3) Vacuum work area with HEPA filtered vacuums. 4) Wet mop area with cleaner/disinfectant. 5) Upon completion, restore HVAC system where work was performed. 6) Return permit to the Contracting Officer Representative. 9.0 MEETINGS: Contractor shall coordinate a kick off meeting and/or conference call prior to installation and any subsequent status updates as required by COR or SME. 10.0 CONTRACTING OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE (COR): The Contracting Officer Representative shall be the technical point of contact for all work related requirements. The COR does not have authorization to change, alter, or remove any requirements stated in the performance work statement. The Contracting Officer is the only government authorized person to change the performance work statement or any resultant contract. 12.0 PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: De-installation of all equipment above shall occur at the Iron Mountain VA Medical Center Pharmacy, Iron Mountain Michigan. 13.0 WORK HOURS: Determined by COR or SME. 14.0 DELIVERY: All deliveries shall be coordinated with the Iron Mountain VAMC Pharmacy before arrival. Failure to coordinate delivery will be grounds to refuse delivery.
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