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49 -- High Speed Subsystem

Notice Date
Notice Type
334515 — Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Lakehurst, Contracts Department, Hwy. 547 Attn:B562-3C, Lakehurst, New Jersey, 08733-5083
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Maria J Wells, Phone: (732) 323-4667, Andrew J Sieracki, Phone: 732-323-7509
E-Mail Address
maria.wells@navy.mil, andrew.sieracki@navy.mil
(maria.wells@navy.mil, andrew.sieracki@navy.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) ONLY. THERE IS NO SOLICITATION PACKAGE AVAILABLE. The Naval Air Warfare Center Lakehurst is canvassing industry to access the availability of a High Speed Subsystem (HSS) for functional or operational testing of high speed serial buses for the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) Family of Testers (FoT), including CASS, Reconfigurable Transportable CASS (RTCASS), and electronic CASS (eCASS). The existing NAVAIR Configuration HSS operates while installed under the CASS FoT's Ancillary Equipment Fixture (AEF) shelf and communicates via ancillary communication bus and provides a common CASS FoT solution that satisfies current high speed testing requirements for the following weapons system platforms: P-8, F/A 18, H-60, and MV-22. The HSS will also be used for high speed testing requirements in support of the CH-53K, and E-2D. Requirements for the system include: 1. Capability of operating in multiple modes; unclassified, classified operation mode and developmental mode. 2. Performance characteristics • Compatible with CASS Hybrid, CASS RF, CASS Electro-Optic (EO), CASS High Power (HP), RT CASS, RTCASS HP, and eCASS • 10BaseT Ethernet Capability • 100 BaseT Ethernet Capability • 1000 BaseT Ethernet Capability • 1000 BaseSX Ethernet Capability • Optics and Copper Fibre Channels with capability to implement multiple upper level protocols • RS-232 Capability • RS-422 Capability • RS-485 Capability • Serial ATA (SATA) Capability • ARINC-708 Stimulus Capability • Inter Range instrumentation Group Signal (IRIG-B) • SMPTE 292M Capability • 1PPS Signal Stimulus • CUE Data Bus Supportability • IMU Bus Supportability • Emitter Couples Logic (ECL) Discrete • Flexible and open architecture to support future 10 Base2 Bus, 1000BaseTX, and FireWire capability. 3. Software Requirements • Open software architecture capable of operating with commercial standards • Operating system that maximizes use of Commercial Off the Shelf items • Test Executive capable of executing commands from CASS FoT and units under test (UUT) test files • Functional Extension Program capable of passing data to and from the CASS FoT • Test Program Development Software for development, test, simulation and maintenance of UUT test file. • Upper Level Software Protocol Development Tools and capability • Self-test capabilities • Graphic User Interface for displaying runtime activities • Capable of operating in a standalone mode for Test Program Set (TPS) development and system maintenance. • API for the capabilities listed in section 2.0 shall be provided. API shall allow, but not limited to, initialization, configuration, and operation of each capability. 4. Physical Dimensions • To ensure the system is capable of interfacing with the AEF and operating in an MMF environment the system's dimension cannot be less than or equal to 22.5 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 21 inches high. This dimension includes handles, connectors, and mounting fixtures. 5. Weight • The total weight of the system cannot exceed 145 lbs. excluding cables and self-test adapters. As required for any Navy Support Equipment (SE), the system must be highly reliable, easily maintainable and supportable. It must also be capable of meeting shipboard vibration, shock, environmental, EMI and mobility criteria. It is requested that information be submitted NO LATER THAN 25 Sept. 2018 to Ms. Maria Wells, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Code 25213 B562-3, Highway 547, Lakehurst, NJ 08733-5082, by electronic mail at: Maria.wells@navy.mil or phone at (732) 323-4667; fax (732) 323-7440, or to Mr. Andrew Sieracki, by electronic mail at: Andrew.sieracki1@navy.mil, who may be reached at (732) 323-7509 or fax (732) 323-7440. Respondents are notified that a formal solicitation MAY NOT necessarily result from the RFI. Any comments provided may or may not be included in a formal solicitation. The Government WILL NOT PAY for any information received in response to this RFI nor will the Government compensate any respondent with costs incurred in developing the information provided to the Government. The Government will not release any information marked with a Proprietary legend, received in response to this RFI, to any firms, agencies, or individuals outside the Government without written permission in accordance with the legend.
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