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D -- Reverse Auctioning System - Amendment_A00003_to_70Z02318QACS01800.pdf - Questions and Answers

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425110 — Business to Business Electronic Markets
Contracting Office
Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), Commandant (CG-912), U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, 2703 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE SE, STOP 7828, Washington, District of Columbia, 20593-7828, United States
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James Robinson,
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Small Business Set-Aside
Questions and Answers Amendment_A00003_to_70Z02318QACS01800.pdf - - - AMENDMENT A00003 to RFQ - - - The purpose of this amendment is to amend the solicitation listed in block 9A as follows: ITEM 1. Amendment A00003 Attachment 1 - Questions and Answers is incorporated into this solicitation. This document answers all questions received. ITEM 2. Solicitation Section (xiii) is deleted and replaced with the following: (xiii) Quote Contents: The USCG requires your quotatiom to take the form a white paper which addresses each of the following factors: Factor One: An analysis of your company's existing reverse auctioning platform's stability, longevity, and demonstrable use as it relates to Federal (not State) contracting opportunities. A specific focus should be placed on your platform's ability to link with mandatory strategic sourcing vehicles (in particular those mandated by DHS and GSA). Factor Two: An analysis of the fees associated with the use of your reverse auctioning platform charged to the quotations submitted through the platform in response to the solicitations. These fees shall only be accepted as part of quotations submitted by Contractors providing quotes submitted through the reverse auction platform and shall not result from direct payments from the USCG to the Reverse Auctioning platform. This is not considered to be part of the license for the USCG to use the platform itself. If your platform does not function in this manner, this Factor shall be an analysis of how your platform operates and the financial implications and charges it uses instead. Factor Three: An analysis of the training offered by your platform to federal end users, including methods for remote training sessions, as well as the prices associated with these training sessions (if any). This section shall also provide a price for a universal license for all members of the USCG to utilize your platform. This is different from the fees listed in Factor 2, above. Factor Four: An analysis of your online platform as it related to its ability to meet all of the requirements outlines in the Statement of Work. This section shall also describe your company's efforts to promote industry participation in the use of your platform. In addition, this section shall also include any other benefits or information about your platform that the USCG should be aware of. ITEM 3. Solicitation Section (xiiv) is deleted and replaced with the following: (xiv) Evaluation Methodology: Your quote shall be evaluated on a best-value basis. In accordance with FAR Part 13.106-2(b)(1), the USCG has broad discretion when fashioning suitable evaluation procedures. Also, in accordance with FAR Part 13.106-2(b)(3) the USCG shall not be establishing a formal evaluation plan or scoring method and quotes may be evaluated comparatively. Finally, in accordance with FAR Part 13.106-1(a)(2), the relative importance assigned to each factor is not required. The evaluation factors shall not be weighted and the USCG reserves broad discretion in evaluating the quotes. The USCG also reserves the right to perform independent research on the reverse auctioning platform being evaluated. Each Factor shall be evaluated as follows: Factor One: The USCG shall evaluate the contents of your white paper to assess the maturity of your platform as it relates to the Federal contracting landscape. The USCG shall evaluate the white paper in regards to how stable, well established, and the demonstrable use the platform is for federal contracting opportunities in the federal contracting arena (such as how extensive it is, and its ability to link with federal mandatory strategic sourcing vehicles; in particular those mandated by DHS and GSA). Factor Two: The USCG shall evaluate the content of your white paper in regards to the percentage fees added to the quotations submitted by contractors in USCG solicitations through the reverse platform. The percentage fees shall be evaluated for reasonableness. If the reverse auctioning system does not function in this way, the USCG shall evaluate how it functions, the pricing methodology of how it operates, and the reasonableness of that functionality in terms of both price and operational effectiveness. Factor Three: The USCG shall evaluate the contents of your white paper to ensure the training provided to the end users of the platform is adequate, as well as the prices for on-site training. The USCG desires to keep prices as low as possible and shall evaluate the proposed options for low cost training such as webinars. Training may be added into the contract in specific CLINs not accounted for in the CLIN structure above. The USCG shall also evaluate the price for a universal license to use your platform for all member of the USCG. Factor Four: The USCG shall evaluate the contents of your white paper as it relates to your reverse auctioning platform's ability to meet all of the requirements outlines in the Statement of Work. The USCG shall also analyze any extra benefits your platform can provide. - - - END OF AMENDMENT A0003 - - -
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Address: The Contractors Facilities, United States
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