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Notice Date
Notice Type
238190 — Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;NCO22-Gilbert Network Contracting;4135 S. Power Road, Suite 103;Mesa AZ 85212
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Theresa Hamilton
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation for Commercial Items This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6 Streamlined Procedures for Evaluation and Solicitation for Commercial Items ; in conjunction with FAR -- Part 13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures; as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation document will not be issued. The Solicitation is issued as a Request for Quotes (RFQ). This solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-100 effective August 22, 2018. This requirement is a Firm Fixed Price 100% Small Business set-aside and only qualified respondents may submit quotes. Quotes are requested. Only quotes from firms that are certified to meet Small business size standard will be considered. You may contact your local U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) office (federal, not state office) for more information on the small business program. Your local SBA office's contact information may be found by accessing the SBA website www.sba.gov. RFQ: 36C25818Q9806 Questions Due Date: 9/13/2018 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time(EDT) Quote Due Date: 9/17/2018 6:00 PM EDT This solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-100 effective August 22, 2018. The NCO 22G Department of Veterans Affairs in Mesa, AZ 85212 is seeking to purchase Custom Designed Shade and Awning Structures for the Southern Arizona VAHCS, Tucson, AZ. This procurement is for NEW EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES ONLY All qualified Vendors shall provide quotations by email for the following CLINS: Line Item CLIN Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price 0001 SHADE STRUCTURE BLDG 57 1 JB 0002 SHADE STRUCTURE -BLDG 30 OUTDOOR FITNESS 1 JB 0003 INDEPENDENT SHADE STRUCTURE- THE BAR 1 JB 0004 SHADE STRUCTURE- T26 1 JB 0005 REPLACE AWNINGS BLDGS 68, 69, 72, 73 1 JB 0006 DESIGN OF SHADE SYSTEM 1 JB STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW): SEE ATTACHMENTS: Verbal or Visual Representation of items other than brand name (ie: product brochure) This solicitation 36C25818Q9806 is issued as a request for quote (RFQ). The North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) for this procurement is 238190 Other Foundation, Structure and Building Exterior Contractors. Product Code (PSC) 7230. This RFQ is being issued as a SB Total set a-side with a small business size standard of $15.0 Million dollars. Vendors must submit quotes in accordance with the solicitation shown here by email, with attachments as needed to include all requested/associated documents. Multiple emails shall be labeled X (number in series) of Y (total number of emails in series)Quotes submitted by other methods will not be accepted. In addition, the following information is required on or in addition to the quote to be considered: Estimated delivery time (ARO): if different than 30 days ARO Complete company name and address: Company Point of Contact: Email -Phone Number: DUNS Number: Quotes shall be valid until at least September 30, 2018 W-9 and Vendorization for the TUCSON, AZ VAHCS location or provide Statement with vendor ID and/or PO# used for payment/Delivery to TUCSON AZ VAHCS in previous 11months. Submission of Quotes: Submit quotation and all supporting documentation to Theresa Hamilton by email Theresa.hamilton@va.gov. Only requests submitted electronically to the above address will be considered. Quotes received after the specified time will be considered late, unless an extension is published to FBO. Late quotes may be considered at the discretion of the interest of the government and CO decision. Mailed in or physically submitted documents will NOT be accepted for this solicitation. Please contact by email if you have any questions. Evaluation of Quotes: EVALUATION COMMERCIAL ITEMS The Government intends to award a single firm fixed price contract resulting from this solicitation to the lowest price responsible quoter whose offer meets the technical specifications. EVALUATION CRITERIA: Quotations should contain the quoter's best technical, price terms and descriptive literature. Evaluation will be based on Price. A written notice of award or acceptance of an offer, mailed or otherwise furnished to the successful offeror within the time for acceptance specified in the offer, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the offer's specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award. VENDORIZING: Prospective Offerors are notified that verification of VA Form 10091 and W-9 being sent directly to the paying office in Austin, TX must be submitted with the offer unless the offeror has previously submitted these forms to VA Austin and provides certification of previous work. The FMS Vendor File Update form needs to be submitted in all cases to the Contracting Officer as part of the offer or proposal. Prior information sent to the VA Payment Center in Austin does not preclude submittal of the FMS Vendor File Update form. Failure to include this information could preclude the offeror from consideration for award or considerably delay award. CONTRACT CLAUSES FAR 52.212-4 CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS-Commercial Items (JAN 2017) FAR 52.252-2 CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE (FEB 1998) FAR 52.217-6 OPTION FOR INCREASED QUANTITY (MAR 1989) FAR 52.232-40 PROVIDING ACCELERATED PAYMENTS TO SMALL BUSNESS SUBCONTRACTORS (DEC 2013) VAAR 852.203-70 COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING (MAY 2018) VAAR 852.211-73 BRAND NAME OR EQUAL (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.211-73 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (JAN 2008) 852.219-74 Limitations on Subcontracting Monitoring and Compliance (JUL 2018) VAAR 852.232-72 ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF PAYMENT REQUESTS (NOV 2012) VAAR 852.252-70 SOLICITATION PROVISIONS OR CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.246-70 GUARANTEE (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.246-71 INSPECTION (JAN 2008) 52.212-5 CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS REQUIRED TO IMPLEMENT STATUTES OR EXECUTIVE ORDERS COMMERCIAL ITEMS (JAN 2018) SOLICITATION PROVISIONS 52.212-1 INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS COMMERCIAL ITEMS (JAN 2017) FAR 52.252-1 SOLICITATION PROVISIONS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE (FEB 1998) FAR 52.211-6 BRAND NAME OR EQUAL (AUG 1999) FAR 52.214-21 DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE (APR 2002) VAAR 852.211-72 TECHNICAL INDUSTRY STANDARDS (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.215-70 SERVICE-DISABLED VETERAN-OWNED AND VETERAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS EVALUATION FACTORS (JUL 2016)(DEVIATION) FAR 52.212-3 OFFEROR REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS COMMERCIAL ITEMS (NOV 2017) The full text of FAR provisions or clauses may be accessed electronically at http://acquisition.gov/comp/far/index.html Solicitation and evaluation of offers are to be in accordance with (IAW) VAAR 852.211-73 and Far 52.211-6, Brand Name or Equal. The preferred example brand name manufacturer is FUJIFILM/SONOSITE. FOB Destination is in accordance with FAR 52.247-49 And VAAR 847.303-1 F.O.B. origin. SAM Requirement: This solicitation requires registration with the System for Award Management (SAM), pursuant to applicable regulations and guidelines. Registration must be complete by end date/time of solicitation or vendor may be found unresponsive, information can be found at www.sam.gov Additionally, all Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses who respond to this solicitation must be registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise VetBiz Registry located at http://vip.vetbiz.gov by the end date/time of this solicitation. The full text of the referenced FAR clauses may be accessed electronically at https://www.acquisition.gov/far/ The following VAAR clauses are to be incorporated: 852.203-70, Commercial Advertising; 852.232-72, Electronic Submission of Payment Requests; 852.246-71, Inspection; The full text of the referenced VAAR clauses may be accessed electronically at http://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/.
Web Link
FBO.gov Permalink
File Name: 36C25818Q9806 36C25818Q9806_1.docx (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590050&FileName=36C25818Q9806-000.docx)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590050&FileName=36C25818Q9806-000.docx

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 FINAL TUCSON SHADE PWS.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590051&FileName=36C25818Q9806-001.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590051&FileName=36C25818Q9806-001.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 TUCSON SHADE SCHEDULE.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590052&FileName=36C25818Q9806-002.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590052&FileName=36C25818Q9806-002.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 36C25818Q9806 Tucson Shade CLAUSES.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590053&FileName=36C25818Q9806-003.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590053&FileName=36C25818Q9806-003.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 36C25818Q9806_1 Custom Shade Tucson.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590054&FileName=36C25818Q9806-004.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590054&FileName=36C25818Q9806-004.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 SAVAHCS Site Map.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590055&FileName=36C25818Q9806-005.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590055&FileName=36C25818Q9806-005.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 73.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590056&FileName=36C25818Q9806-006.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590056&FileName=36C25818Q9806-006.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 72.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590057&FileName=36C25818Q9806-007.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590057&FileName=36C25818Q9806-007.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 69.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590058&FileName=36C25818Q9806-008.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590058&FileName=36C25818Q9806-008.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 68.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590059&FileName=36C25818Q9806-009.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590059&FileName=36C25818Q9806-009.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 57.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590060&FileName=36C25818Q9806-010.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590060&FileName=36C25818Q9806-010.pdf

File Name: 36C25818Q9806 Building 30.pdf (https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590061&FileName=36C25818Q9806-011.pdf)
Link: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/FBODocumentServer/DocumentServer.aspx?DocumentId=4590061&FileName=36C25818Q9806-011.pdf

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Place of Performance
Address: Southern Arizona VAHCS;3601 South 6th Ave;Tucson, AZ
Zip Code: 85752
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