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334516 — Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
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Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office (NCO) 15;3450 S 4th Street Trafficway;Leavenworth KS 66048
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Page 4 of 5 This is a SOURCES SOUGHT announcement only. It is neither a solicitation announcement nor a request for proposal or quote and does not obligate the Government to award a contract. Responses to this Sources Sought must be in writing. The purpose of this Sources Sought Announcement is for market research, to make appropriate acquisition decisions, and to gain knowledge of potential qualified businesses capable of providing the following: Catalog # 21000 STEMCELL RoboSep ® *** See Statement of Requirement below for details *** If this is within your capability, please respond with the information below: Company Name Address Point of Contact Phone, Fax, and Email DUNS number Vendor must be an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR and provide an Authorized Distributor Letter. Interested firms are reminded that in accordance with FAR 4.12, prospective contractors shall complete electronic annual representations and certifications to be considered for award. In addition, FAR 4.11 states that prospective contractors shall be registered in the System for Award Management (www.SAM.gov) database prior to award of a contract. All Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) shall be verified in VetBiz at www.vip.vetbiz.gov. Point of Contact for this Sources Sought is: Jonathan.lutmer@va.gov (913) 946 - 1984 Department of Veterans Affairs Network Contracting Office -15 3450 S. 4th Street Trafficway Leavenworth, KS. 66048.   STATEMENT OF REQUIREMENTS This uses a Brand Name of the product required. This permits prospective contractors to offer products other than those specifically referenced by brand name. Any information submitted by an offeror for consideration will not be returned and will remain the property of the VA. All costs associated with submitting the above are the responsibility of the Contractor and all information provided must be submitted to the Contracting Officer. All offers must work with existing equipment that has already been purchased and is currently in use at the station and also to meet standardization requirements throughout the hospital. BACKGROUND Purchase of the Catalog # 21000 STEMCELL RoboSep ® using grant funding for ACORP 1802-527 Vitamin D, Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Disease study. The equipment will be used by and housed at: SCOPE The equipment is used for Cell Separation The entire cell separation protocol must be automated, with no part of the protocol manually completed outside of the instrument. This includes all antibody additions, bead labeling and wash steps. The RoboSep ® will be used for separating out multiple different immune cell types from a rare patient population. This machine not only reduces the time it takes to perform these isolations, but also improves the reproduciblty of them by removing human variability. Isolation time will now be reduced from over two hours to twenty  minutes. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY No IT support requirements are needed for this equipment. It will not be connected to the internet, VA network or any VA-sensitive data. INSTALLATION Basic installation is required for this equipment. The Contractor shall perform the installation of the RoboSep ® Cell Separation. DELIVERY ADDRESS Washington University 425 S Euclid SWT #830 St. Louis, MO 63110 CONFORMANCE STANDARDS All equipment provided under this contract shall be performed in conformance with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Original Equipment Manufacturer standards and specifications. MAINTENANCE and WARRANTY The Contractor shall initial its completion on the calibration report at each maintenance visit. 1-Year Warranty: One year of coverage is included with the purchase of the RoboSep -S (the INSTRUMENT ). Additional coverage, based on 1 year terms, can be purchased at the time of INSTRUMENT-purchase or within 9 months of the INSTRUMENT installation. Consecutive 1-Year Warranties must be purchased prior to the expiry of the current Warranty plan*. Each 1-Year Warranty is based on a 1 year term and may be purchased up to a maximum of 5 consecutive years. Each Warranty will be limited to the following services: Instrument Repair: STEMCELL Technologies will either repair or replace, free of charge, any INSTRUMENT or part which fails within the warranty period, due to defects in materials or workmanship, provided that the INSTRUMENT has been operated at all times in accordance with the instruction manual and user's guide. Any replaced parts, which may be new or reconditioned, will be under the INSTRUMENT warranty for the remainder of the year s contract. Shipping & Handling: Charges for shipment of replacement parts or for shipment of the unit(s) that is/are covered under the 1-Year Warranty will be covered by STEMCELL Technologies at the current rate for ground freight shipments. *Customers have the option of allowing the INSTRUMENT warranty to reach the end of its term without renewal. Reinstatement of the warranty for the following 12 months, after the warranty expiration date, is subject to the following conditions: STEMCELL Technologies must perform a Preventative Maintenance visit before a warranty can be re-issued to an INSTRUMENT with an expired warranty. The customer will be responsible for the Inspection Cost, in addition to, the cost of parts, Labor, and if applicable, shipping fees. Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer of the existence or development of any defects in or repairs to the equipment covered under this contract, which the Contractor considers he/she is not responsible for under the terms of the contract (such as operator misuse). All exceptions to the Preventative Maintenance Inspection schedule shall be arranged and approved in advance with the Contracting Officer. Warranty Claims: Warranty claim(s) must be accompanied with a customer Complaint Form that is filed through STEMCELL Technologies Technical Support Department (call 1-800-667-0322 or email techsupport@stemcell.com). STEMCELL Technologies reserves the right to perform a complete investigation of the Claim prior to the execution of the warranty. STEMCELL Technologies shall furnish 24 hour 7 days a week phone support, all parts, labor, test equipment, and emergency services, including transportation cost necessary to perform preventative maintenance and emergency repairs on the RoboSep ® Cell Separation equipment 4. After the warranty period ends: At the completion of the service, the Contractor shall present a service ticket indicating the service(s) performed and the parts that were used. All service tickets shall be delivered to the STEMCELL Technologies Inc. Copies of all services tickets shall be on file in Facilities Management Service prior to invoice certification for payment. EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICE RoboSep ® Cell Separation equipment shall consist of maintaining the equipment in accordance with the Conformance Standards Section. Repair service shall consist of replacing parts, calibration, cleaning, oiling, adjusting and maintaining the equipment, except those services necessitated by accident, fire or abuse. The COR and CO has the authority to approve/request a service call from the Contractor. Any additional charges to be claimed shall be approved by the COR before service was performed. Response Time: The Contractor s Field Service Engineer shall respond with a phone call to the service request initiator within four (4) hours after receipt of notification in an effort to correct the problem by phone. If the problem cannot be corrected by phone, the Field Service Engineer shall schedule a time to commence work (on-site physical response) within 24-hours after receipt of notification and shall proceed progressively to completion without undue delay. PARTS The Contractor shall furnish all parts as necessary to maintain the equipment, covered by this contract, in accordance with the Conformance Standards Section. The Contractor stipulates that he/she has ready access to new standard parts (manufactured, supplied by the manufacturer or equal thereto). All parts supplied shall be of current manufacture and have full compatibility with existing equipment. Documentation of intended parts source(s) shall be provided to the Contracting Officer upon request. DOCUMENTATION/REPORTS Records documenting inspection, maintenance, service, and repair activities relating to buildings, grounds, Federally owned and operated housing, equipment, and personal property. Includes: destroy when 3 years old, but longer retention is authorized if required for business use. (GRS 5.4 Item 070, DAA-GRS-2016-0011-0008) The Contractor shall submit a legal field service report, which shall include detailed specifications of the preventative maintenance inspection or emergency repair services performed, including replaced parts and estimated prices required for the service call. Records tracking completion of custodial and minor repair work. It will destroy when 90 days old, but longer retention is authorized if required for business use. (GRS 5.4 Item 071, DAA-GRS-2016-0011-0009) Temporary; repair and maintenance work orders, requisitions, and related papers maintenance and inspection logs and reports job orders, service call records, action sheets, and repair logs work, shop, or job schedules Records documenting facility structure and long-term maintenance REPORTING REQUIREMENTS The Contractor s FSE shall be required to report to the Biomedical Services department during normal working hours. If work is to be done on a week end or holiday the FSE will report to the service request initiator. This check-in is mandatory. When the service is completed the Contractor s FSE shall document services rendered on a legible field service report and send an electronic copy to the COR via email. COMPETENCY OF PERSONNEL SERVICING EQUIPMENT The Contractor s staff shall include a fully qualified Field Service Representative assigned to this area and a fully qualified Field Service Representative who shall serve as the backup. Fully qualified is based upon training and on experience in the field. For training, the Field Service Representatives shall have successfully completed a formalized training program for the equipment covered under this contract. For field experience, the Field Service Engineers shall have a minimum of one (1) year of experience providing preventative maintenance and emergency repair services on the same make and model of equipment covered under this contract. The Contractor shall provide written assurance of the competency of their personnel by detailing a list of Field Service Representatives along with applicable training and years of service experience on the specific devices covered in this agreement. This information shall be included in the quoted proposal for providing service. Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to protect persons and property from damage during performance of this contract. Contractor shall be responsible for any injury to himself or his employees, or others, as well as for any damage to personal property that occurs during the performance of this contract that is caused by him/her or his/her employee s fault or negligence. The Contractor shall maintain personal liability and property damage insurance prescribed by the laws of the State of Illinois. TEST EQUIPMENT Upon request of the COR or CO, the Contractor shall provide a copy of the current Calibration Certification of all test equipment, which is to be used by the Contractor to perform service under this contract. Calibration of equipment shall be traceable and in conformance with test equipment Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS In the performance of this contract, the Contractor shall take such safety precautions as the CO may determine to be reasonably necessary to protect the lives and health of occupants of the building. The CO shall notify the Contractor of any safety issues and the action necessary to correct these issues. Such notice, when served on the Contractor or his representative at the work site shall be deemed sufficient for the corrective actions to be taken. If the Contractor fails or refuses to comply promptly, the CO may issue an order stopping all or part of the work and hold the Contractor in default. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS A. Documentation/Reports The Contractor is solely responsible for providing Service and Preventative Maintenance Inspection reports, as defined in the Documentation/Reports Section to the COR within five business days after services, either in written or electronic form. Failure to provide the COR with service reports will result in an automatic five (5) percent deduction from the payment due for that quarter. Leaving service reports with a person in the vicinity of the equipment may be performed in addition to the previous stated requirement, but is not to be used as a substitute. B. Preventative Maintenance If the preventative maintenance inspection is not performed as indicated in the Preventative Maintenance Section, during the scheduled months stated, or as otherwise determined by the COR, will result in an automatic five (5) percent reduction from the payment due for that quarterly period. C. Emergency Repair On-Site Physical Response Time The FSE shall commence work as stated in the Emergency Repair Service Section. If the on-site physical response time indicated in this section is not adhered to, there will be an automatic five (5) percent deduction equal to every business hour after the on-site physical response. The reduction shall be from the payment due for that quarter. D. Required Check In and Out The FSE shall check in prior to commencing work and check out when work is complete as indicated in the Reporting Requirements Section. NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (11-JUN-2019); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.
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