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65 -- Syringes

Notice Date
6/29/2020 12:27:21 PM
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
339113 — Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
7/6/2020 2:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Mr. Juan Gonzales, Phone: 5712315547, Ms. Vivian Alexander, Phone: 5712315451
E-Mail Address
juan.a.gonzales8.ctr@mail.mil, vivian.r.alexander.ctr@mail.mil
(juan.a.gonzales8.ctr@mail.mil, vivian.r.alexander.ctr@mail.mil)
The Defense Health Agency (DHA) Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Division Medical Materiel Enterprise Standardization Office (MMESO) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support Medical Prime Vendor (PV) Program announce a Standardization Action (SA) for the standardization of Syringes. Only those vendors on the Qualified Suppliers List (QSL) MN-1910-59 Syringes are eligible for participation. The MMESO North is the lead MMESO for this project. These Syringes products are for purchase by the Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) of the Military Health System (MHS) and for the operational assemblages of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Naval Expeditionary Medical Support Command (NEMSCOM) and managed regionally by MMESOs North, South, West, Pacific and Europe, hereafter referred to as MMESOs. The Incentive Agreement (IA) resulting from this Sources Sought Notification is a supplement to the Prime Vendor (PV) Program and is not a contract. Vendors must have an agreement with the current DoD Medical/Surgical PVs, CARDINAL HEALTH and OWENS & MINOR, to distribute through the PV Program. For additional information regarding DLA Troop Support Medical�s PV program, please access the DMMOnline web site at https:www.medical.dla.mil. This Sources Sought notification is intended to solicit pricing quotes from vendors who are on the QSL MN-1910-59 Syringes. The pricing that is provided must be discounted from Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) prices or proposed DAPA prices. Vendors who are currently qualified for the QSL must meet the requirements below. The resulting IA will be for a base period of 36 months from date of selection, with one 24-month option period not to exceed a total of five (5) years. Anticipated selection date is 08 August 2020. Among vendors who are on QSL MN-1910-59 Syringes, the lowest price will determine selection. It is intended that the selected vendor(s) for this IA will support the enterprise goal of medical materiel standardization that combines operational and institutional requirements. The government is seeking a single vendor selection for an IA. The government reserves the right to standardize or not standardize on Syringes. Vendors agree to hold the quoted IA pricing firm for 75 days from the date specified for receipt of their IA offer. Notification of non-selection will be sent once the IA process is completed and the bilateral IA is signed. Additionally, the gaining vendor will be required to validate an elog of their quoted IA tier at that time and submit it to DAPA. A. Products & Performance Required The MMESOs are seeking product line items in the category of Syringes. The total estimated enterprise-wide annual demand for this product line is approximately $1,286,014.39 based on Medical Product Data Bank (MedPDB) usage data over a recent 12-month period. The usage data represents requirements for the Army, Navy, and Air Force Institutional MTFs, along with operational assemblages in the Department of Defense (DoD). B. Instructions to Vendors Vendors on QSL MN-1910-59 Syringes who are interested in participating in the Standardization Action for an IA must provide a response to this Sources Sought notification via e-mail to the MMESO POCs below. In addition to the offered pricing as specified, please include the following information: (1) Company name and address; (2) Company POC (Name and Phone Number, Fax Number, and E-mail address); (3) Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code; (4) Identification of the Sources Sought notification to which the vendor is responding; and (5) electronic printout(s) of base uncommitted offering submitted log or offered items already on DAPA. Due to the potential for e-mail to be lost in transmission, from network security, etc., vendors are strongly encouraged to confirm with the MMESO North that the submission, quote, and DAPA documentation were received by the MMESO North via e-mail, allowing adequate time for resubmission before the due date and time. Vendors must complete and submit the IA Package Worksheet. A vendor who cannot open the IA Package Worksheet may contact either of the MMESO POCs below and a copy will be provided via an alternate method (fax, e-mail, or hard copy). Vendors that do not meet the deadline of COB 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the date listed for closing, per the QSL Sources Sought notification, will not be eligible for participation in the Standardization Action for an IA. Vendor Instructions for Pricing Submission The pricing requirements are outlined below. Using the IA Package Worksheet, pricing quotes must be submitted in full to the MMESO POCs by the above response date of this Sources Sought notification. Vendor part numbers and packaging MUST match those that were submitted and qualified to the subject QSL Announcement. Vendors not currently on the subject QSL will not be considered for an IA. Vendors who are not selected will be notified in writing upon issuance of an IA. 1. Vendors will be required to quote incentive pricing discounts off DAPA base uncommitted pricing for all products included in this standardization initiative. Where lower base uncommitted government prices are available, the resulting incentive tier is expected to be lower than such prices. This is because DAPAs, unlike other government prices, are base uncommitted. A vendor shall not quote base uncommitted prices as the discounted tier price for purposes of this standardization initiative. Vendors must provide quotes on items provided in response to the technical/company requirements. Based on the good faith volume estimates provided, vendor agrees to give all designated MTFs and Operational Units incentive pricing throughout the life of this agreement in exchange for 80% commitment of purchases for the MHS in this product line. A vendor who does not provide discounts off DAPA in response to the IA Announcement will not be considered for continued participation. 2. Vendor must submit the following information via IA Package Worksheet for each QSL required item: Vendor Part Number (PN), Manufacturer PN, Manufacturer Name, Full Item Description, DAPA Number for Item, Unit of Measure (UOM), Quantity (QTY) in UOM, Unit of Inner Packaging (UOP), QTY of UOM in UOP, Unit of Sale (UOS), QTY of UOM in UOS, UOS Base Price, UOS Incentive Price, UOM Base Price and UOM Incentive Price. Required Products - Annual Usage in Units� 1. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 1 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 791,720 2. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 1 ML STERILE LUER SLIP TIP, SOFT PACK - 299,300 3. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 3 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 2,899,393 4. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 5 - 6 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 602,048 5. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 10 - 12 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 3,283,878 6. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 20 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 365,961 7. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 30 - 35 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 1,621,925 8. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 50 - 60 ML STERILE CATHETER TIP, SOFT PACK - 62,160 9. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 50 - 60 ML STERILE LUER LOCK TIP, SOFT PACK - 447,592 10. SYRINGE, HYPODERMIC 50 - 60 ML STERILE LUER SLIP TIP, SOFT PACK - 40,800 Vendor instructions for Submission of DAPA Log and Commercial Pricing information 3. Vendor must submit a DAPA Log via the DAPA Management System (DMS) Manufacturer�s Application including all offered items and relevant base uncommitted pricing for each. Submitted log base uncommitted pricing must correlate directly to that on the IA Package Worksheet for all offered items. Only the base uncommitted prices should be loaded to DAPA at this time. Vendors must send a screenshot of their submitted DAPA Log or of the required items already on their existing DAPA. Screenshots must be received by the MMESO POC�s by the above response date of this Sources Sought notification. Vendors who do not meet this deadline will not be eligible for participation in the Standardization Action for an IA. 4. Vendor must send supporting commercial pricing information to the DAPA administrator by the above response date of this Sources Sought notification. Commercial pricing will help DAPA administrators make a fair and reasonable determination for the base uncommitted pricing. To assist DAPA administrators in identifying Standardization submissions via e-mail, vendors should cite the product line name and IA number as shown in this IA Announcement. Note: DAPA holders must have an agreement with the current DoD Medical/Surgical PVs to distribute through the PV Program. DAPA holders must be prepared to ship items to both PVs, so that the PVs may carry inventory and MTFs may designate items as usage; therefore, standardized items may not be coded in the DMS as ""drop ship only."" It is strongly recommended that participants contact each PV prior to adding items to DAPA, in order to gain a full understanding of the PV's requirements and any potential costs associated with PV handling of those items. These costs should be factored into any base uncommitted DAPA prices and any quoted IA prices. C. Source Selection Procedures Pricing evaluation of required items will occur for those vendors who have been previously qualified for the QSL. Price evaluation is based on the sum of each required item�s offered IA unit price multiplied by number of estimated units. If all other requirements have been met, the lowest overall price will be selected for the IA for Standardization. The Government intends to make a selection based on initial quotes, but reserves the right to seek further discounts or request revised quotes if determined necessary. In order to be eligible for selection, vendors are required to have established Fair and Reasonable base uncommitted DAPA prices for each product in the product line by time of selection. Failure to establish a DAPA with approved base uncommitted pricing will preclude a vendor from being selected to establish an IA with the government. Only the gaining vendor should validate and submit the elog generated for the IA tier into DAPA.� The Government will not consider those logged tier submissions submitted by other vendors. Points of Contact (POCs): MMESO North Data Analyst Contractor, Mr. Juan Gonzales, 571-231-5547, juan.a.gonzales8.ctr@mail.mil and MMESO North Team Leader Contractor, Ms. Vivian Alexander, 571-231-5451, vivian.r.alexander.ctr@mail.mil. DLA Troop Support Medical Contracting Officer: Ms. Tara J. Perrien, tara.perrien@dla.mil, 215-737-8307.
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