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66 -- NX EQ Optical Coherence Tomography

Notice Date
6/29/2020 9:03:08 AM
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
333314 — Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
7/9/2020 1:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
tonya.purce@va.gov, Tonya W. Purce, Phone: (202) 607-4185
E-Mail Address
5. PROJECT NUMBER (if applicable) CODE 7. ADMINISTERED BY 2. AMENDMENT/MODIFICATION NUMBER CODE 6. ISSUED BY 8. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR 4. REQUISITION/PURCHASE REQ. NUMBER 3. EFFECTIVE DATE 9A. AMENDMENT OF SOLICITATION NUMBER 9B. DATED PAGE OF PAGES 10A. MODIFICATION OF CONTRACT/ORDER NUMBER 10B. DATED BPA NO. 1. CONTRACT ID CODE FACILITY CODE CODE Offers must acknowledge receipt of this amendment prior to the hour and date specified in the solicitation or as amended, by one of the following methods: The above numbered solicitation is amended as set forth in Item 14. The hour and date specified for receipt of Offers E. IMPORTANT: is extended, (a) By completing Items 8 and 15, and returning __________ copies of the amendment; (b) By acknowledging receipt of this amendment on each copy of the offer submitted; or (c) By separate letter or electronic communication which includes a reference to the solicitation and amendment numbers. FAILURE OF YOUR ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO BE RECEIVED AT THE PLACE DESIGNATED FOR THE RECEIPT OF OFFERS PRIOR TO THE HOUR AND DATE SPECIFIED MAY is not extended. 12. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA (REV. 11/2016) is required to sign this document and return ___________ copies to the issuing office. is not, A. THIS CHANGE ORDER IS ISSUED PURSUANT TO: (Specify authority) THE CHANGES SET FORTH IN ITEM 14 ARE MADE IN THE CONTRACT ORDER NO. IN ITEM 10A. 15C. DATE SIGNED B. THE ABOVE NUMBERED CONTRACT/ORDER IS MODIFIED TO REFLECT THE ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES SET FORTH IN ITEM 14, PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY OF FAR 43.103(b). RESULT IN REJECTION OF YOUR OFFER. If by virtue of this amendment you desire to change an offer already submitted, such change may be made by letter or electronic communication, provided each letter or electronic communication makes reference to the solicitation and this amendment, and is received prior to the opening hour and date specified. C. THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO PURSUANT TO AUTHORITY OF: D. OTHER Contractor 16C. DATE SIGNED 14. DESCRIPTION OF AMENDMENT/MODIFICATION 16B. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Except as provided herein, all terms and conditions of the document referenced in Item 9A or 10A, as heretofore changed, remains unchanged and in full force and effect. 15A. NAME AND TITLE OF SIGNER 16A. NAME AND TITLE OF CONTRACTING OFFICER 15B. CONTRACTOR/OFFEROR STANDARD FORM 30 PREVIOUS EDITION NOT USABLE Prescribed by GSA - FAR (48 CFR) 53.243 (Type or print) (Type or print) (Organized by UCF section headings, including solicitation/contract subject matter where feasible.) (Number, street, county, State and ZIP Code) (If other than Item 6) (Specify type of modification and authority) (such as changes in paying office, appropriation date, etc.) (If required) (SEE ITEM 11) (SEE ITEM 13) (X) CHECK ONE 13. THIS ITEM APPLIES ONLY TO MODIFICATIONS OF CONTRACTS/ORDERS, IT MODIFIES THE CONTRACT/ORDER NO. AS DESCRIBED IN ITEM 14. 11. THIS ITEM ONLY APPLIES TO AMENDMENTS OF SOLICITATIONS AMENDMENT OF SOLICITATION/MODIFICATION OF CONTRACT (Signature of person authorized to sign) (Signature of Contracting Officer) 0002 0005 0002 06-26-2020 None Y 36C10G U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs OPAL | Strategic Acquisition Center 10300 Spotsylvania Ave | STE 400 Fredericksburg VA 22408-2697 Y 36C10G U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs OPAL | Strategic Acquisition Center 10300 Spotsylvania Ave | STE 400 Fredericksburg VA 22408-2697 To all Offerors/Bidders 36C10G20Q0052 06-03-2020 X x x 1 x 1 The purpose of this solicitation amendment is to provide the Government s responses to questions received from industry as a result of solicitation #36C10G20Q0052 for NX Optical Coherence Tomography. All changes made by the following Government responses on the Continuation Page hereby amends the terms of the solicitation. Robert Wilson Contracting Officer Dir 5 VA-OPA-2019-2ED5F4D CONTINUATION PAGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q1) SC 12 mentions, Glaucoma Progression Analysis. However, the correct term for the function on the Zeiss machine is Guided Progression Analysis. The Guided Progression Analysis is the actual function approved by the FDA. Can this SC be updated? GOVERNMENT RESPONSE: The Salient Characteristics table listed in Attachment B of the combined synopsis solicitation, specifically SC 12, is revised as follows: SC # SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS METHOD OF EVALUATION SC CROSS-WALK (PAGE#) SC 1 Must perform Optical Imaging Literature Review SC 2 Must use Spectral domain OCT methodology Literature Review SC 3 Must use Super Luminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm, Optical Source Literature Review SC4 Must have a minimum of 27K-85k A-scans per second Literature Review SC 5 Must have a minimum 1.9 mm (in tissue) A-Scan Depth Literature Review SC 6 Must have a minimum 3.9um (in tissue) Axial Resolution Literature Review SC 7 Must have a minimum 5.7um (in tissue) Transverse Resolution Literature Review SC 8 Must have a minimum Internal Fixation (focus adjustment) of -14 to +20D (diopters) Literature Review SC 9 Must have multiple imaging modes of at least: Posterior Segment, Anterior Segment, OCT Angiography and Fundus Imaging. Literature Review SC 10 Must interface and download to Vista DICOM Forum database. Literature Review SC 11 Monitor must be HD and a min of 22 Widescreen Literature Review SC 12 Must be able to perform Guided Progression analysis Literature Review SC 13 Must be able to perform anterior segment imaging, wide angle to angle scan. Literature Review Q2) The CLINs on the pricing workbook note lines 0001, 1001 & 2001. However, there are also columns for the base year and both option years. Can you please advise what CLINs 1001 & 2001 are for? GOVERNMENT RESPONSE: This is a typo. There is only one part for each period of performance. The combined synopsis solicitation Attachment A Optical Coherence Tomography - Price List has been removed and replaced with the revised attachment to this amendment. Q3) XXXX is a company based in Mumbai, India. We are interested in participating in the tender mentioned above hence want to get more information about the same. Considering the geographical constraint of personally reviewing the document, I request you to provide us the following details before we buy the document: 1) List of Items, Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required. 2) Soft Copy of the Tender Document through email. 3) Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender. 4) Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines 5) Estimated Budget for this Purchase 6) Any Extension of Bidding Deadline? 7) Any Addendum or Pre Bid meeting Minutes? GOVERNMENT RESPONSE: The requested information for items 1, 2, 3 and 4 are provided in the solicitation attachments A -F via the following link: https://beta.sam.gov/opp/aa3678845ae84a8ca02d2f2d74c00c77/view?keywords=36C10G20Q0052&sort=-relevance&index=&is_active=true&page=1 Additionally, there are currently no extensions for this combined synopsis solicitation and all final quote submissions are due by July 9, 4:00pm ESDST. There will be no pre-bid conferences or meetings held prior to the closing date. The Government will not be providing offerors with a budget for this program. You are encouraged to submit your best and final offer by the closing date. Q4) As the term HD is becoming an older term to define display resolution intended for televisions and there have been several benchmarks beyond the original leap from SD to HD including some that take into consideration specific or unique computer display needs, what are the exact minimum specifications being used to designate the term HD in this description (i.e. 1080p)? GOVERNMENT RESPONSE: Yes, the technical requirement in SC 11 is for 1080p. Q5) It is an industry standard that monitor sizes are measured diagonally and are rounded up to the next inch which determines the monitor s size class . For example, a 22 class monitor would have an actual diagonal measurement of 21.8 inches. Hence, can you clarify if SC 11 is for a 22-inch class monitor (size measured diagonally and rounded to next inch) or is SC 11 actually requiring a monitor with a WIDTH of 22 (which would most likely be a 27 or 28 class monitor)? GOVERNMENT RESPONSE: To further clarify, the requirement in SC 11 is for at a minimum a 22-inch diagonal size monitor screen. ///////////////////////////////////////////END OF AMENDMENT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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