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Notice Date
6/29/2020 10:47:08 AM
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
334516 — Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
7/13/2020 6:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
kim selig, Laura Grey, Phone: 4063759812
E-Mail Address
kim.brown-selig@nih.gov, laura.grey@nih.gov
(kim.brown-selig@nih.gov, laura.grey@nih.gov)
The Laboratory of Bacteriology investigates the molecular basis of interactions between bacterial pathogens and the host, with special attention to organisms that cause important human infections.� The overall goal of our research is the understanding of the immune signaling involved in vector transmission of pathogens, focusing on tissue-specific host responses. To accomplish our objectives, we will evaluate infected tissues/organs for cellular and molecular responses and immune signaling. Our studies involve analysis of cellular signaling, molecular detection of the pathogen, gene expression within tissues and cells, simultaneous analysis of cells survival/proliferation and production of cytokines/chemokines under different treatments, histopathology analysis and cellular communication. To that end we require this Cell Imaging Multi-mode reader, the Cytation 7 manufactured by Biotek Instruments. We require automated digital inverted widefield microscopy and multi-mode microplate reader all in one system. ����� II.���������� Delivery Date : 10-15 DAYS ARO III.��������� Considerations ������������� FAR Part 19.5 Small business set?aside will be considered if the market place finds evidence of a reasonable expectation of 2 or more small businesses can make reasonable offers. ������������� Mandatory sources and then other purchasing mechanisms will be searched for this acquisition. ������������� There are no special considerations for this request, which includes green purchasing, 508 compliances, licensing agreements, data rights, information security, and Individual Privacy Protection. ������������� �� The Buy American Act will be considered for this acquisition. ������������� ��� SBRS package is required because the requirement is greater than $25,000.00. ������������� Minimum Requirements: o������������ Automated digital upright, with inverted widefield microscopy and multi-mode microplate reader in one system with accessories, Cytation 7, model #CYT7UMW o������������ ELISpot Imaging o������������ Temperature control, gas control and shaking o������������ Fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence detection o������������ Cell migration assays o������������ Slide scanning o������������ Live cell imaging o������������ Cell proliferation o������������ Cell counting o������������ Joystick and standard imaging controller o������������ Imagine objectives, 4X, 20X, LED Texas Red, LED cube, imaging filter cube (DAPI) o������������ Multi-volume microplates o������������ Dual reagent injector o������������ 3D cell imaging and analysis image and data analysis software for quantitative and qualitative analysis, and spot counting applications� GEN5IPRIME o������������ Laser autofocus, autoexposure, and auto LED intensity adjustments IV.��������� Market Analysis This memorandum is in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10.000, which describes the policies and procedures for conducting market research to arrive at the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting supplies and services. This part Implements requirements of 41 U.S.C. 1901(a)(1). A.���������� The results of market research have determined that the Government's needs can be met by product/service of a type customarily available in the commercial marketplace. B.���������� The following methods were utilized to conduct Market Research: ������������� Mandatory government sources of supply/services ������������� GSA Advantage search ������������� Open?market search ������������� Sam.gov C.���������� Results Results of Market Research were as follows: ������������� In accordance with FAR Subpart 8.002(a)(1) Priorities for Use of Government Supply Sources, research conducted revealed that none of the mandatory Government sources could satisfy this requirement. o This type of product/service in not offered from internal inventory of our agency or other agencies, not offered by Federal Prison Industries, it is not on the Ability One Procurement Lists, nor on any wholesale supply sources. ������������� GSA search revealed that the Cytation 7 is available on a GSA contract from the manufacturer, BioTek Instruments.� I requested a quote from BioTek and the GSA pricing is quite a bit higher then the open market quote I received with the ambis order. ������������� Open Market shows two vendors able to provide this equipment, BioTek Instruments the manufacturer and distributor, Fisher Scientific. ������������� SAM.gov revealed the business sizes of the vendors. ������������� GSA search indicated that this equipment is made in the US by BioTek instruments, therefore the Buy American Act does not apply D.���������� Market research Interpretation: ������������� Open market shows that the Cytation 7 is manufactured and distributed by BioTek Instruments (small business) and distributed by Fisher Scientific (large business). Therefore, this should be posted to FBO to seek competition. A.���������� Description of the supplies/services to be purchased Cytation 7 Cell Imaging and Multimode Reader System ������������� Name of manufacturer, producer, or distributor of each brand name product referenced (and address if not well known): ������������� Manufacturer: BioTek Instruments ������������� Distributor: Fisher Scientific I.������������ Identification of the statutory authority permitting other than full and open competition� ?���������� 41 USC 3304(a)(1) and FAR Part 6.302-1:� Brand Name II.���������� Demonstration that the proposed brand name product�s salient characteristics (specific features, qualities and/or the nature of the acquisition) requires use of the authority cited: BioTek Intruments is the manufacturer of this cell imaging multimode reader system (Cytaion 7). This� fully automatic and reproducible system will allow the analysis of live cells behavior (proliferation, migration, viability) and products generated from the cells in special conditions, in cell line or primary culture and for ELISpot. Our The analysis software also requires nucleic acid quantification for determination of gene expression and pathogen quantification; dynamic biochemical assays in cells and tissues with available injectors for studies of cell treatment. The Cytation 7 includes detection absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence in many microplate types and sizes, cell culture dishes, cell culture flasks (T25) and hemocytometer. It allows temperature, gas control and shaking for cell and assays incubation. Combined with biochemical analysis, the instrument has an automated inverted and upright microscope, allowing fluorescence, color brightfield, and digital phase contrast for analysis of ELISpot, and imaging of tissue and cells. This is the only fully automated cell imaging multimode reader and analysis system that will meet our minimum requirements to fulfill our project�s mission. VI.��������� Procurement Recommendation: ������������� Based on the market research interpretation, the Contracting Officer (CO) recommends: ������������� Brand Name Request for Quotes,� posted to FBO for 15 days to promote competition. ������������� The small business set?a?side is waived because there is no reasonable expectation of 2 or more small businesses able to make reasonable offers. ������������� SBRS package will be sent because acquisition is greater than $25,000.00
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