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J -- Upgrade alarms/Intrusion Detection System

Notice Date
6/29/2020 2:35:58 PM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
561621 — Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
7/6/2020 9:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
antaeus.gayles@va.gov, Antaeus Gayles, Phone: 414-844-480
E-Mail Address
The Great Lakes Acquisition Center (GLAC) in Milwaukee, WI is conducting market research with the intent of determining the interest, capabilities, and qualifications of potential businesses for the Upgrade alarms/Intrusion Detection System at the Edward Hines Jr. VA, in Hines, IL. This Sources Sought Synopsis is published for market research purposes. This market research will be used to determine if a set-aside for any small business program is appropriate. Proposed project anticipates competitive, firm fixed price contract. Please review this announcement, including all attachments, in their entirety. Request that interested offerors complete and return a Capabilities Statement as described below. Capabilities Statement will be used to identify firms who possess both the capability and experience to provide Upgrade alarms/Intrusion Detection System at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. The Government is in no way obligated to do business with or to enter into any form of contract with any person, firm or other entity that receives or responds to this announcement. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, labor, vehicles, materials, supervision, transportation and services necessary to effectively, economically, and satisfactorily perform all operations for the Upgrade alarms/Intrusion Detection System in accordance with the DRAFT Performance Work Statement included in this posting. In addition to the information requested in the paragraph below, entitled ""Capabilities Statement"", responding parties must also indicate their size in relation to the applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The NAICS Code is 561621 with a Size Standard of $11,000,000.00 in revenue. CAPABILITIES STATEMENT Interested parties shall submit a Capabilities Statement, BRIEF and CONCISE, yet clearly demonstrates ability to meet the stated requirements. The Capabilities Statement should clearly present evidence that the interested party feels is relevant. All interested firms responding to this Sources Sought Notice are requested to provide a capability statement which needs to include: - Company Name - Point of Contact Name, Phone Number and Email - Business Status (i.e., 8(a), HUBZone, Woman-owned, SDVOSB, Large, etc.) - Dunn & Bradstreet Number - Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code - Indication of Current Systems for Awards Management (SAM) Registration (i.e., SAM and Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA) registration, etc.) - Capabilities statement (i.e., similar government and commercial contracts for Collection, Transportation, and Disposal of Solid Waste, pertinent information, organizational structure, etc.) The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Year of approximately 12 months. Prior Government contract work is not required for submitting a response under this sources sought synopsis. Interested Firm's shall respond to this Sources Sought Synopsis no later than 11:00 a.m. CST on July 06, 2020. All interested firms must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) to be eligible for award of Government contracts. Email your response to antaeus.gayles@va.gov. POINT OF CONTACT: Antaeus Gayles, antaeus.gayles@va.gov, fax (224) 610-3269. Submit Capabilities Statements (e-mail preferred) by 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on July 06, 2020. Contracting Office Address: CAPT James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) Attn.: (GLAC) 3001 N. Green Bay Road Bldg. 1, Room: 326 North Chicago, IL. 60064-3048 Place of Performance: Edward Hines VA Federal Health Care Center 5000 5th Ave Hines, IL. 60141 Primary Point of Contact: Antaeus Gayles, Contract Specialist Antaeus.gayles@va.gov Fax: 224-610-3269 Statement of Work Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital, Hines, IL Emergency Upgrade and Replacement of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) at Various Locations A) Mission. Police Service s mission is the protection and security of the environment of care, as it pertains to the safety and security of the physical infrastructure at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Medical Center (Hines VAMC) and related services. Police Service support is for customers that include, but are not limited to, patients, visitors, clinic staff and administrative employees. B) Goals. The goal of this contract is to secure an installation and service agreement to replace existing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and to provide post-installation regular maintenance and repair service at the Hines VA that includes all parts, batteries and labor. C) Current Conditions. Existing IDS systems are old, outdated and they have been discontinued. Repair service from previous provider and spare part are not readily available. Response time from previous service provider to service request is in many weeks instead of hours or days. Repair service fees from previous service provider are grossly inflated. Existing IDS systems are no longer consistently monitored or not monitored at all at Police Service Security Operations Center (SOC) due to frequent hardware, software, and communication cabling infrastructure failures. D) Justification. To ensure IDS systems are functioning properly and are in compliance with the requirements outlined in VA Handbook 0730/4, new IDS systems shall be installed to replace the old systems and a maintenance agreement is required to maintain the reliability and efficiency of these systems and to reduce the unexpected service costs associated with not having a service agreement in place. E) Objectives. The objectives of this agreement are to: 1) Remove existing IDS system from multiple locations listed below in Section J of this document. Furnish and install new IDS systems in place of the old systems. Provide preventive maintenance and repair service, with semiannual on-site inspections of IDS systems at these locations. 2) Perform testing, troubleshooting, modifications, install components as necessary, update all documentation to reflect all related repairs and component changes. 3) Provide training on newly installed system components to specified groups where required. F) Acronyms and Definitions. The following is a listing of acronyms and/or definitions to terms used in this document. CBOC Community Based Outpatient Clinic CO Contracting Officer COR Contracting Officers Representative as delegated by the CO Hines VAMC Edward Hines, Jr. VA Medical Center IDS Intrusion Detection System LAN Local Area Network OIT Office of Information & Technology PACS Physical Access Control System (PACS) RFI Request for Information SOC Security Operation Center (Police Service monitoring and dispatch facility) SOW Statement of Work / Scope of Work SQL Structured Query Language VA Department of Veteran Affairs VSS Video Surveillance System G) Requirements. The Contractor will adhere to all VA and manufacturer regulations, codes, standards, guidelines and design requirements. 1) Work outside of normal business hours or weekends: a. All service and preventive maintenance work performed after hours or on weekends requires coordination with the COR. 2) Contractor will require access to the VA network to complete this installation. Contractor will also require network access for support and maintenance. OIT shall accommodate such requirements to the extend as permitted by cyber security policies implemented at VA facilities. 3) Qualifications of Offerors. The contractor shall be a firm regularly engaged in the installation, programming repair, maintenance and servicing of security network equipment and software, specifically related to LenelS2 OnGuard PACS and Bosch IDS systems. Their expertise and experience shall be of such extent so as to provide them knowledge of conditions and the scope of installation, programming, repairs, maintenance, and servicing of security network equipment and software generally found in a commercial or industrial setting. They shall possess all the manpower, equipment, tools, and ready sources of parts as necessary to promptly, skillfully, and expertly carry out the conditions of this contract. Offerors shall be able to show evidence of their ability, reliability, and experience by furnishing: a. A list of personnel who will perform under the contract, showing the length and type of experience of personnel who will service these facilities and proof of certification (if required). b. List of other concerns and/or Government agencies for which comparable service were rendered by the Offeror. c. Contractor shall provide proof of employees LenelS2 OnGuard certifications. d. Contractor will provide proof that they have performed this work for the last 5 years. e. Contractor will provide three references in which they have performed similar work. f. Evidence that contractor is familiar with Hines VAMC, has performed installations of PACS and IDS systems at Hines VAMC, and is currently providing on-going maintenance and service of PACS and IDS system at Hines VAMC and CBOC facilities. g. Evidence that contractor has capability to prepare and to maintain shop drawings and as-built documentation. Offeror s personnel shall be certified by appropriate federal and state regulatory agencies to meet federal and local certification requirements as applicable. Licenses, permits and certifications shall be kept current throughout the period of performance of the contract. The Contractor shall provide the Government copies of such certificates, if requested. The ability to meet the foregoing experience requirements and the adequacy of the information submitted will be considered by the Contracting Officer in determining the best value to the Government. 4) Insurance. a. Worker Compensation and Employer s Liability. Contractors are required to comply with applicable Federal and State Worker Compensation and occupational disease statutes. b. General Liability. Contractors are required to have Bodily Injury Liability Insurance coverage written on the comprehensive form of policy of at least $500,000 per occurrence. c. Property Damage Liability. Contractors are required to have Property Damage Liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000. 5) Unauthorized Use of Government Equipment. a. The Contractor shall not allow his/her employees, including Subcontractors employees, to use any government equipment. b. The Contractor shall be responsible to provide all necessary equipment, tools, parts, and materials to perform the work. The Government shall not be obligated to provide any equipment, tools, parts, and materials to assist the Contractor in performing the work. 6) Identification Parking, Smoking, and VA Regulations. a. The Contractor's Employees shall always wear visible identification (PIV Badges) while on the premises of Hines VAMC. b. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to park in the appropriate designated parking areas. Information on parking is available from the VA Police Station. The Hines VAMC will not invalidate or make reimbursement for parking violations of the Contractor under any conditions. c. Smoking is prohibited inside any buildings at the Hines VAMC. d. Possession of weapons is prohibited. e. Enclosed containers, including tool kits, shall be subject to search. f. Violations of VA regulations may result in citation answerable in the United States (Federal) District Court, not a local district, state, or municipal court. 7) Compliance and General Safety Regulations. a. All Contractors and Subcontractors performing services for the Government shall comply with all Hines VAMC Safety Policies and Regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), State, County and Municipal Safety and Occupational Health Standards and any other applicable rules and regulations. b. This shall include but not be limited to taking all the necessary precautions to protect the patients, visitors and/or staff at each location. Contractor shall be held responsible for any injuries and/or damage, which may be caused as a result of the Contractor s failure to adhere to these requirements. c. Contractors and Subcontractors shall be held responsible for the safety of their employees and any unsafe acts or conditions that may cause injury or damage to any persons or property within and around the work site area under this task order. d. All ladders, scaffolding, tools, equipment, personal protective equipment, etc. shall be OSHA approved for the work to be performed. Contractor shall use caution signs as required by OSHA Regulations. Caution signs shall be on-site on commencement of Task order. 8) Protection of Government Property. a. During work execution, the Contractor shall take special care to protect Government property. Damage resulting from Contractor operations shall be repaired by the Contractor, including painting, refinishing, or replacement (if necessary), at no additional cost to the Government. 9) Damage. a. Extreme caution shall be exercised to prevent damage to the building and its contents. Any damage must be reported to the COR immediately for appropriate action. Any damage caused by the Contractor will be repaired and or replaced to the satisfaction of the VA at the Contractor s expense. H) Scope of Work. The Scope of Work for this installation, maintenance and service agreement includes providing all labor, parts and programming. The Contractor shall contact the COR prior to commencing with any installation and service-related work and report those findings to the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) as delegated by the Contracting Officer (CO) for review and approval. Any deviation from this scope of work requires the express authorization of the COR. 1) The contractor is required to perform pre-installation survey of each site to verify existing conditions, that may affect performance of new IDS systems, and usability of existing cables that could be reused. If existing cables are of poor quality or in condition that they no longer meet manufactures design standards and guidelines, they shall be replaced by the contractor at no additional cost. 2) The contractor shall provide (furnish and install) necessary assemblies, parts, material and components for complete operational IDS systems at each site, included but not limited to: Bosch control panels with enclosures, power supplies and battery backup, keypads, door sensors, tri-technology motion sensors, alarm sounders (where required), LAN connections (where no LAN connection is available), and software licenses for integration of IDS systems with existing LenelS2 OnGuard PACS. 3) Intrusion detection coverage of new IDS systems shall be equal or better of the existing systems being replaced, except for panic alarms. 4) Existing panic devices shall be disconnected and removed, including removing corresponding cables from the device to the source. Hines VAMC has implemented campus-wide Lynx duress and notification system, utilizing existing computer workstations, and IDS panic devices are no longer needed. However, the contractor still shall implement duress panic feature and make it available at each IDS keypad for the purpose of allowing sending a distress signal to SOC when user is forced to disarm IDS system under duress. 5) The contractor, prior to in-service activation of each IDS system, shall mark all intrusion detection system components with machine-produced labels attached to the outside of the components, identifying each corresponding alarm point. Device labels shall be visible and legible to allow device identification during system tests that will be conducted by Police Service from time to time according to their established testing schedule. 6) The contractor shall provide post-installation warranty, preventive maintenance and repair service during the term of this agreement. 7) The contractor must be familiar with and proficient at installing and performing the maintenance and repairs as recommended by the equipment manufacturer(s). All work must conform to the manufactures design standards and guidelines. 8) The contractor shall provide all necessary programming of new IDS systems and implement integration of Bosch panels with LenelS2 OnGuard system. 9) IDS systems shall be monitored by Police Service personnel at SOC. Monitored signals shall include but shall not be limited to alarm conditions, manual or scheduled arming/disarming operations and trouble notifications. Each signal shall be identified by its originating IDS panel, date and time stamp when it was generated, and signal priority. The contractor shall implement a procedure that require operator acknowledgement before they can be purged from monitoring screen. COR shall determine which signals shall require acknowledgments. 10) The contractor shall conduct comprehensive training for Police Service personnel that will be involved in monitoring of IDS systems at SOC. The number of required initial training sessions and extent of training shall be coordinated with COR. During the term of this agreement, Contractor shall also conduct additional training sessions, per COR request, when such additional training may be required for new Police Service personnel. 11) During term of this agreement, the contractor is required to perform preventive maintenance and repair services, with onsite, semi-annual inspections of the intrusion detection and panic alarm systems, associated hardware, interfaces and all their subcomponents for the sole purpose of providing proper, safe, and reliable operations of the IDS systems installed at the Hines VA. 12) The preventive maintenance and repair services consist generally of furnishing all labor, materials, appliances, tools, equipment, services, and supervision required to perform all testing, troubleshooting, programming, modifications, and updating all documentation to reflect all related maintenance and repair services. 13) The contractor is required to test system backup batteries and replace with new batteries if the capacitance is below 70% of the fully charged value, as determined at the time of battery installation. The contractor is also required to maintain on-going inspection, test and battery replacement schedule log files in Microsoft Excel format and provide to the COR semi-annually for each site. Additional equipment and components, referenced throughout this Scope of Work and its attachments, are all part of the maintenance and repair services under this contract. 14) The contractor, upon receipt of a service request from the Hines VA Police, by email or telephone, will respond to such service request within 30 minutes, create a service request ticket and dispatch a service technician to the affected CBOC the next business day, or as soon as possible, not to exceed two business days, to remedy the problem. 15) All work must be coordinated with the COR to avoid unnecessary interruption of operations. I) Limitations. 1) Work hours for EHVAH Police Service staff are from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 2) Photographs may be taken of the work performed at the jobsite. However, photographs containing patients and/or staff are a violation of the Patient Privacy and hospital policy. Both violations are subject to penalties and dismissal. Permission from the EHVAH Public Affairs Officer (PAO) is required and should be coordinated with the project COR. 3) All contractors visiting the jobsite will need to receive a temporary PIV badge. The procedure to follow is: a. Contractors must FIRST get their fingerprints done by Human Resources located in Building 17. b. It takes between 3-5 days at least for fingerprints clear. c. Once fingerprints have cleared the person requesting a badge can be sponsored. d. The contractor must then complete a Request for a PIV card form and then turn in to the Police Services. e. The contractor can then be sponsored upon verification the fingerprints have been cleared. f. Once the contractor has been sponsored by the COR, they can contact the PIV office at (708) 202-5170 to arrange for the issuance of a PIV badge. J) Deliverables. The Contractor shall provide the following services: Furnish and install new IDS systems at following locations. New systems shall deliver equal or better intrusion detection capabilities than the systems being replaced. Provide ongoing repair and preventive maintenance services, including parts and labor for IDS control panels, keypads, door sensors, glass break detectors, motion detectors, and other related devices as installed at sites listed below. IDS systems locations: a. Canteen and Retail Store in Bldg 45 b. Laundry in Bldg 48 c. Bldg 200 d. Pharmacies in Bldg 200, Pharmacy in Bldg 228, Pharmacy Warehouse Medical Records in Bldg 228, and Chemo in Bldg 200 e. HRMS in Bldg 17 f. Credit Union in Bldg 1, Room C124 g. Voluntary Service in Bldg 9 h. Research in Bldg 1, Sections B3, B4, C4, and in Bldg 229 i. Agent Cashier in Bldg 1, Room F148, and Medical Media in Bldg 1 Section F j. Warehouse, Medical Records, in Bldg 220, 1st Floor k. SPD in Bldg 220 l. Radiation Safety in Bldg 33 m. Micro Bio Lab in Bldg 1, Sections F2 and E4 n. Telecom Room in Bldg 1 o. Child Care in Bldg 1, Section A p. Police Department in Bldg 1, Section F K) Maintenance and Repair Agreement Terms. 1) The term of this software service agreement will be one (1) base year from the effective date of this agreement, with (4) one-year renewal options. 2) All parts and labor are included. 3) Shipping and handling costs are included. L) Performance Monitoring. The Government will periodically evaluate the Contractor s performance by appointing a representative(s) to monitor such performance and ensure services are received. The Government representative will evaluate the Contractor s performance through intermittent on-site inspections of the Contractor's performance. M) Other Pertinent Information or Special Considerations. 1) All Contractor personnel shall be certified by appropriate federal and state regulatory agencies to meet federal and local certification requirements as applicable. Licenses, permits and welding certifications shall be kept current throughout the period of performance of the contract. The Contractor shall provide the Government copies of such certificates. 2) Per VA Information Security Program policy VA Directive and Handbook 6500 and 6500.6, Appendix A, contractor storage, generation, transmission or exchanging of VA sensitive information during this construction project is not acceptable. 3) All work shall be scheduled to meet requirements of Hines VAMC. Contractor is responsible for repairing any damages to existing utilities incurred while performing service or preventive maintenance. 4) Utilities within the area and identified on existing drawings are not to be interpreted as the exact location, or as the only existing site conditions. Contractor shall verify all existing conditions and proceed with caution around any anticipated obstructions. 5) Any damage that may be caused by the Contractor or his work crews or subcontractors to any existing structure, grounds and utilities shall be repaired or replaced to their original condition. 6) Should a conflict exist between VA requirements and VA adopted nationally recognized codes and standards, the conflict shall be brought to the attention of the Contracting Officer. The resolution of the conflict shall be made by the authority having jurisdiction for VA to ensure system-wide consistency. All work conducted under this scope of work shall comply with the Department of Veterans Affairs Master Specifications and all applicable state and federal regulations and codes.
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Address: Hines VA Hospital 5000 5th Ave, Hines, IL 60141, USA
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Country: USA
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