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S -- Center Hill Recreation Area Operations and Maintenance Services

Notice Date
6/29/2020 11:44:36 AM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
561210 — Facilities Support Services
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/29/2020 11:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Reid Drewes, Phone: 6157367868, James W. Purcell, Phone: 6157367674
E-Mail Address
Reid.A.Drewes@usace.army.mil, James.W.Purcell@usace.army.mil
(Reid.A.Drewes@usace.army.mil, James.W.Purcell@usace.army.mil)
THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION, INVITATION FOR BID, REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ) OR A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP). THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY.� THIS SOURCES SOUGHT IS FOR ACQUISITION PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT TO ISSUE A SOLICITATION OR ULTIMATELY AWARD A CONTRACT.� ANY COST INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT SHALL BE BORNE BY THE INTERESTED PARTY (PROSPECTIVE OFFEROR) AND WILL NOT BE CHARGED TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR REIMBURSEMENT.� RESPONDENTS WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED OF THE RESULTS OF ANY GOVERNMENT ASSESSMENTS. PURPOSE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District is conducting this Sources Sought in support of Market Research to notify and seek potential qualified members of industry to gain knowledge of capabilities, interest, and qualification; to include the Small Business Community for completing the work effort relative to Center Hill Lake located near Lancaster, TN 38569.� Responses to this Sources Sought Synopsis will be used by the government in making appropriate acquisition decisions.� The type of solicitation to be issued will depend upon the responses to this sources sought synopsis.� The Government must ensure there is adequate competition among the potential pool of responsive contractors.� The type of set-aside decision to be issued will depend upon the responses to this sources sought. NO SOLICITATION EXISTS AT THIS TIME. SCOPE OF WORK (SUBJECT TO CHANGE): The Contractor shall furnish all necessary management, supervision, inspection, personnel, materials, supplies, parts, tools, equipment, transportation, and vehicles required to perform operation, maintenance, and repair services throughout the Center Hill Lake recreation area.� The anticipated contract will have a Base year plus four (4) one year options for a total of five (5) years if all options were to be exercised. Operations and maintenance services include but are not limited to: ���� (1)� Grass Mowing ���� (2) Cleaning services which consists of cleaning and servicing public use areas and facilities at various recreation and operational areas and removal of refuse and litter. ���� (3)� Janitorial Services ���� (4) Facility repair, maintenance and other non-routine work that includes non-routine construction work. ���� (5)� Cleaning Services at Primitive Sites ���� (6)� Herbicide Application ���� (7)� Dumpster Collection Services ���� (8)� Boundary Line Marking and Repainting ���� (9)� Beach and Water System Monitoring and Testing ���� (10)� Leaf Removal ���� (11)� Beach and Playground Maintenance ���� (12) Maintenance of Navigation Aids ���� (13)� Sewage holding tanks, Septic and Pump Stations ���� (14)� Facility Sewage Systems and Pest Control ���� (15)� Pavement Striping and Sealing, and Placard Placement ���� (16)� Downstream remote area Maintenance ���� (17)� Deep Cleaning of Project Facilities Results of this sources-sought announcement will be used, in part, to determine the size and make-up of the industrial base for this type of item and the feasibility of a small business or socio-economic set aside for this project.� �All qualified contractors are encouraged to respond; lack of responses may jeopardize the project being set aside for small business. CAPABILITY STATEMENT TO SHOW INTEREST AND INTENT: Respondents interested in performing the proposed project as a prime contractor should submit a capability statement for consideration that include the following: (In A through I). A.� Offerors' name, address, points of contact with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. B.� DUNS number and CAGE code. C.� Are you a small business under this NAICS code? D.� Business size/classification to include any designations (Small Business, HUBZone, 8(a), Women-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, etc.). E.� A Statement of Capability (SOC) stating your skills, experience, and knowledge required to perform the specified type of work as described above.� This SOC should be a brief description of your company's capabilities.� Include a statement detailing any special qualifications and certifications, applicable to the scope of this project, held by your firm and/or in-house personnel.� The potential bidders should provide brief references of relevant work they have performed and the magnitude. F.� Indicate whether your company will perform the work directly, or intends to subcontract the work. If subcontracting, identify the percentage of work to be subcontracted.� Identify the percentage of work your form may be capable of directly performing. G.� A statement regarding past bonding and evidence of your bonding capability. H.� Please indicate whether your firm will submit an offer for this project. I.� Any other information that would assist in determining your company's capability in performing the described construction work. SUBMISSION OF CAPABILITY STATEMENT: Submit this information to Rob Holdsworth, Contract Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers via email to Robert.B.Holdsworth@usace.army.mil.� Your response to this Sources Sought notice must be received by 1:00 PM CST on June 29, 2020. DO NOT SUBMIT PROPRIETARY AND/OR BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL DATA.� EMAIL IS THE PREFERRED METHOD WHEN RECEIVING RESPONSES TO THIS SYNOPSIS. As a reminder, this Sources Sought announcement notice should not be construed in any manner to be an obligation to issue a contract, or result in any claim for reimbursement of costs for any effort you expend in responding to this request.� No solicitation is currently available.� Any future solicitation package will be made available on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website https://beta.sam.gov/.� Interested parties are solely responsible for monitoring the FBO website for the release of a solicitation package and/or any updates/amendments.� Search Keyword ""W912P5"" to obtain a complete listing of all Nashville District US Army Corps of Engineers opportunities. Contracting Office Address: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rivers Contracting Division Nashville Contracting Branch CELRN-RC-N 110 Ninth Avenue South, Room A680 Nashville, TN 37203-3817 United States Place of Performance: USACE Center Hill Lake 158 Resource Lane Lancaster, TN 38569 US Primary Point of Contact: Rob Holdsworth Contract Specialist Robert.B.Holdsworth@usace.army.mil Phone: 615-736-5538 Secondary Point of Contact: JW Purcell Contracting Officer James.W.Purcell@usace.army.mil Phone: 615-736-7674
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Address: Lancaster, TN 38569, USA
Zip Code: 38569
Country: USA
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