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16 -- Request For Information to update the F/A-18C/D Flight Control Computer (FCC) Operational Flight Program (OFP) with Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto-GCAS) capable software

Notice Date
6/29/2020 6:20:54 AM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
336413 — Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
7/15/2020 12:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Brian K. Stone, Phone: 3013429922, Benjamin J. Hansford, Phone: 3017577037
E-Mail Address
brian.k.stone@navy.mil, benjamin.hansford@navy.mil
(brian.k.stone@navy.mil, benjamin.hansford@navy.mil)
This is a request for information (RFI) only, and is not a solicitation for a contract or grant award.� This RFI notice is for information purposes only, is not a request for proposals, and does not obligate the government in any way.� The Government will not reimburse the respondents for any costs associated with the information submitted in response to this request.� The Government will treat each submission as confidential. The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), PMA-265 (Program Office for F/A-18 and EA-18G Aircraft), is soliciting information from industry to determine potential contractors who have the knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications required to successfully update the F/A-18C/D Flight Control Computer (FCC) Operational Flight Program (OFP) with Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto-GCAS) capable software.� Potential contractors must either be able to team with the Boeing Company to use existing F-18 C/D flight control computer software development infrastructure and tools or be able to develop equivalent infrastructure and tools necessary for the desired tasking. USN is seeking to accelerate the development and release of this important capability and understanding what approach can assure delivery soonest will be weighed heavily in determining path forward. BACKGROUND: The F/A-18C/D air vehicle is controlled by a quad-redundant digital fly-by-wire flight control system (FCS) that converts pilot and air vehicle inputs to flight control actuator commands. The FCS consists of the surface actuators, air data sensors, pilot controls and displays, and the quad-channel Flight Control Electronic Set (FCES) subsystem.� The FCS provides overall control of the F/A-18C/D air vehicle and implements the allocated control laws, redundancy management, autopilot, input/output processing, system monitors, and built-in-test (BIT) required by the F/A-18C/D air vehicle.� The FCC OFP Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI) is safety/flight critical and performs the data processing functions for the FCES subsystem within the FCS.� This CSCI manages redundant flight control sensor inputs, merges, filters, and scales the selected inputs to generate actuator command signals, and organizes the outputs to the servo actuators to fulfill the F/A-18C/D FCES control mode requirements.� The FCC processor is the MCP-701E running a CSCI in Assembly language source code. �The current FCC OFP CSCI version 91*006, is commonly referred to as v10.7. The AGCAS FCC OFP CSCI update will include the ability to translate the pull vector from the Digital Map Computer (DMC) (via the Mission Computer (MC)) into flight control movements, provide status to the MC, and perform system integrity checks.� The FCC will not command throttle for AGCAS recoveries.� The USN will be responsible for the FCS system level design and performance to meet AGCAS capability requirements.� The USN will be responsible for laboratory integration and flight testing the updated FCC OFP to demonstrate that it meets AGCAS capability requirement.� All software associated with the F/A-18C/D FCS is unclassified.� No classified processing or security issues will be associated with any software item included in this effort. TASK: If the contractor is teamed or supported by Boeing The USN will provide the Contractor with the top-level requirements, interface, and control law and redundancy management design updates to support the Auto-GCAS capability.� The USN will provide the Contractor with the Auto-GCAS Performance Specification and Software Requirements Document, and specify those requirements that pertain to the FCC OFP CSCI update. The Contractor will implement the USN�s design into an updated FCC OFP hereafter referred to as v10.8. �The Contractor will be responsible for assessing software requirement change needs, software design modifications, software code and unit test, FCC/OFP integration and testing, verification, and embedded performance of the updated FCC OFP.� The Contractor will follow a defined, documented, USN approved process appropriate for flight critical software. �The Contractor will execute core CSCI testing necessary to verify that modifications have not impacted existing design requirements.� The Contractor will provide the USN the updated FCC OFP CSCI, v10.8, source code and executable code.� In addition, the Contractor will provide all associated software requirements, design, code, test and verification, and FCC/OFP integration, test, and verification artifacts. The USN can provide the Contractor with v10.7 Flight Control System Design Report, v10.7 source code, v10.7 FCC OFP Computer Program Product Specification (CPPS), and Version Description Document (VDD) specific to version 91*006, CSCI and system level test procedures.� If contractor will develop their own development environment and tools- ����� The Contractor will perform all the tasking above.� In addition, the Contractor will develop a test bench capable of performing CSU, CSC and CSCI level testing of the OFP while running on target hardware.� The contractor will adapt existing CSCI test procedures to perform equivalent testing on their bench. ����� The USN can provide an integrated test bench that simulates FCC interfaces but would require hardware and software modification to support embedded software level testing such as setting breakpoints and controlling software execution in the target hardware.� � Information Requested Interested firms should submit a response with a written statement of interest or capability and discussion, to include plans, schedule, and/or progress.� Identify relevant experience in flight controls, flight/safety critical software, coding in Assembly language, and/or relevant experience in the MPC-701E processor.� If partnering with Boeing, provide description of the teaming arrangement and what infrastructures, tools, and resources that Boeing will provide.� If not, identify relevant experience developing processor test harnesses to support embedded software testing. Written comments, no longer than ten (10) pages in length, should be submitted electronically in PDF, no later than 15 July,�2020 addressed to: brian.k.stone@navy.mil or benjamin.hansford@navy.mil. Document Markings: It is incumbent upon sources providing responses to this RFI to accurately mark all data with all appropriate data rights and distribution markings. Interested sources are advised that the employees of commercial firms under contract to the Government may serve as technical reviewers of information provided in response to this RFI. By submission of a response, a source gives the Government permission to release the entire response (inclusive of proprietary information) to employees of these organizations. All employees of these organizations that will have access to RFI response data will have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in place prior to accessing the data. Beyond the above commercial firms, the Government will not release any data received in response to this RFI, for which it has less than Government Purpose Data Rights, to any firm, agency, or individual outside the Government.
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