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66 -- Imaging Systems & Service, Inc. (ISSI) Biplane Hardware and Software Upgrades Compatible with currently installed ISSI system.

Notice Date
9/15/2020 7:02:14 AM
Notice Type
Special Notice
334516 — Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
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Point of Contact
michael.haydo@va.gov, Contracting Officer: Michael Haydo, Phone: (412) 822-3158
E-Mail Address
The Veteran s Administration (VA) Office of Research and Development, Regional Procurement Office East in Pittsburgh, PA intends to negotiate on a sole source basis with Imaging Systems & Service (ISSI), Inc. based in Painesville, Ohio on behalf of the VA Puget Sound Healthcare System. The requirement is to provide X-Ray hardware and software upgrades in conjunction with a currently installed ISSI Biplane x-ray system. Salient Characteristics: The minimum specifications of a proposed system shall meet, or exceed, the following requirements X-ray Flat Panel Detectors: Minimum flat panel detector system requirements: Capture digital X-ray images using both static and dynamic recording methods Have at least a 43 cm x 43 cm (~16 x 16 ) field of view in a single acquisition, to fit the entirety of a men s size 14 foot (a reasonable upper limit for the Veteran population). Detector should capture in at least 12 bits of grey, with 16 bits ideal. In our experience, 8-bit systems, such as those used in many C-arm fluoroscopes, do not have sufficient numbers of gray levels for quantitative analysis. Easy to mount to custom fixturing: this means that each panel must be low-profile, lightweight, and self-contained. Must fit within a commercial protective/carrying case to minimize risk of damage when handling. This is particularly important because it will be positioned in multiple orientations on custom fixturing. Must be able to communicate wirelessly to a computer/control station, to minimize additional cords and tripping hazards around the imaging area. Must operate using standard 120 VAC, 60Hz single-phase power, and not require external cooling. The pair of panels must be capable of receiving an external trigger or clock signal to synchronize their acquisition (useful for collecting biplanar imaging). This requirement may also be met through software if easier. System shall be compatible with existing X-ray hardware in laboratory, which was provided by Imaging Systems and Service Inc. (ISSI) This includes integration with custom X-ray synchronization hardware developed and installed by ISSI. X-ray Flat Panel Control Software: The software controlling the X-ray panels shall satisfy the following requirements: Software shall be able to capture raw pixel data from the detector, without lossy compression or downsampling. Software must allow multiple images to be stitched together into a single image. This is useful for the case of capturing a long-leg X-ray, which is typically comprised of three separate acquisitions (thigh, shank, and foot) combined into a single image. A Software Development Kit (SDK) or similar must be provided by the vendor to allow for panel acquisition by a third-party application. This is necessary to interface with our existing laboratory equipment. Biomechanical Analysis Suite: In order to extract clinically meaningful biomechanical parameters that can be used to inform future treatment decisions, a variety of analytical tools must be used. This includes both scientific computing software and specialty hardware. These include the following analysis tasks: Medical image segmentation and measurement: Medical image data is collected from the X-ray hardware in the laboratory (which includes a cone-beam CT scanner) as a sequence of raw images. Software is needed to identify portions of the anatomy in the images (segmentation) and to perform measurements on these images. To maintain compatibility with existing software in the laboratory, the software must be capable of opening Mimics project files (*.mcs). 3D geometry creation and manipulation: Many of the studies in the biplane fluoroscopy laboratory involve the design of custom prosthetics, orthotics, or sensors to be worn by research participants. Other studies involve tracking of implanted hardware, such as arthroplasties. In both cases, CAD (computer aided design) software to create and manipulate these objects is necessary. To maintain compatibility with existing software in the laboratory, the software must be capable of opening SolidWorks parts and assembly files (*.sldprt, *sldasm). Tracking of bones from the X-ray data: CLiMB has developed custom in-house software to perform bone tracking, i.e., establishing the 3D pose of the bone from the pair of 2D X-ray images. This software is written in MATLAB, CUDA, and C++, and requires specialized computational hardware, requiring, among other things, a CUDA-compatible graphics processing unit (NVIDIA Quadro level or higher, or equivalent), and at least 32 GB of RAM. To operate this bone tracking, new computational equipment must be capable of running CLiMB s software. Data Archiving System: The X-ray data collected in the laboratory using high-speed video cameras, and a single data collection session with a research participant can easily exceed 200 GB of data. The CT scan associated with the study can itself add multiple GB of additional data. Long-term data storage/archiving is thus a high priority. A suitable data storage system shall meet/exceed the following requirements: Expandable by the end user (CLiMB), by adding additional hard drives to add storage capacity. Hardware-enabled RAID backup. RAID 5 or higher preferred. An easy interface to add users and manage file permissions. The requirement will take place at a VA facility Puget Sound, WA. The sole source is pursuant to FAR 6.302-1 Only One Responsible Source and No Other Supplies or Services Will Satisfy Agency Requirements. This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals, however; any responsible source who believes it is capable of meeting the requirement may submit a capability statement and supporting documentation to the contracting office no later than Friday, Sept 18, 2020, (10:00 AM, EST). Interest/capability statements may be sent to Michael Haydo at Michael.haydo@va.gov. No telephone responses will be accepted. A determination not to compete the proposed requirement based upon the responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government.
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