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X -- General Services Administration (GSA) Seeks to lease the following space: Solicitation no. 8FL2654

Notice Date
5/13/2022 1:09:59 PM
Notice Type
531120 — Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/3/2022 2:00:00 PM
Point of Contact
Edward Brennan, Phone: 2022534100, Samuel Dyson, Phone: 2026524190
E-Mail Address
edward.brennan@gsa.gov, samuel.dyson@gsa.gov
(edward.brennan@gsa.gov, samuel.dyson@gsa.gov)
��� Advertisement ��������� GSA Public Buildings Service U.S. GOVERNMENT General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease the following space: State: Florida City: Tampa Required Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 33,152 Space Type: Office, Flex, Warehouse Total Parking Spaces (Surface): The Government requires 85 on-site surface parking spaces, reserved for the exclusive use of the Government. � (See below for additional requirements) Full Term: 15 Years Firm Term: 10 Years Additional Requirements: Building/Space Layout: This requirement will house a federal law enforcement office where� ���� employees can or have the potential to carry weapons, weapons will be ���� stored on-site, and individuals may be temporarily detained and/or ���� questioned. Space shall be located in a modern quality building of sound and substantial construction with a facade of stone, marble, brick, stainless steel, aluminum, or other permanent materials in good condition and acceptable to the GSA Lease Contracting Officer.� If not a new building, the space offered shall be in a building that has undergone, or will complete by occupancy, modernization, or adaptive reuse for the space with modern conveniences. Space should allow for an efficient layout and office workflow. Space must provide maximum flexibility for systems furniture placement with few or no columns or other building or architectural obstructions. Space should have few curves or major offsets and must have large open areas to allow maximum design flexibility. Architectural features should not cause an inefficient use of space. ABOA SF does not include areas such as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors, and public toilets required by local code. The Government will consider existing buildings, as well as new construction and/or under construction buildings with permits and all utilities and entitlements in place. If new construction, offeror will be required to meet the project schedule outlined in the Request for Lease Proposal (RLP) documents. Building�s will be equipped with at least two (2) points ingress/egress with a direct route to the offered space. Building must not be located within 500 feet of daycares, schools, mental health or drug rehab clinics, immigration offices, probation and public defender�s offices, social services offices, or Federal Buildings. Building must not be located within a shopping center or shopping mall. It is preferred that the building be a single-story structure; however, a multi-storied building will be considered. If Building is a multi-story structure, it is preferred that the building be equipped with a minimum of two (2) accessible elevators that serve the proposed floor. One of the accessible elevators may be a freight elevator. Office space ceiling heights shall be at a minimum 9 feet and 0 inches and no more than 12 feet and 0 inches measured from floor to the lowest obstruction. Areas with raised flooring, if applicable, shall maintain these ceiling-height limitations above the finished raised flooring. Space must meet the Government requirements for fire safety, seismic and sustainability standards per the terms of the lease.� The building must be able to comply with the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS) and meet certain security requirements as set forth in the Interagency Security Committee Standards and the Department of Justice Security Standards. Offered properties including the proposed parking, and the offered space will be evaluated by agency security team for acceptability.� Properties not meeting the agencies requirements may not be considered. Offered building must allow roof top rights for antennas. Space will not be considered below the first floor of the building. It is preferred that all office space be contiguous on one (1) floor. If space meeting that requirement is unavailable, GSA may consider demising approximately 5,600 ABOA contiguous square feet of office space on a contiguous floor to the remaining office space being offered. GSA�s space requirement also includes approximately 6,150 RSF of warehouse space and must include at a minimum the following requirements: Slab to ceiling, minimum 15'-0"" clear height. A minimum of 25' column to column spacing. Drive-in capability (i.e.) slab on grade access or ramp access). At least one 12' wide x 14' tall electrically operated overhead garage door. Floor drains will be required near inside overhead garage doors. Office space with men's and women's handicap restrooms. The space shall be protected with a Fire Sprinkler system, if required by local code (non-sprinklered buildings will not be considered). The work area within the interior vehicle parking space shall be heated. The garage area of some locations will be provided with limited air conditioning. Two garage doors are preferable. Garage door entry must be grade level or have an adequate ramp to drive vehicles in and out of the space. If offered space does not have garage doors, the building must be able to accommodate 14-foot-high doors. Separate HVAC controls for the office and warehouse areas are required. The LAN Room shall be equipped with a 24/7 standalone HVAC system. Slab on grade sealed concrete capable of supporting tractor trailer trucks - 6"" slab thickness. Frost-proof exterior hose bib shall be available for GSA use at the 14' high door location. Note: warehouse requirements may vary from project to project and shall be adjusted as required to support the mission of specific group housed in the facility. A fully serviced lease is required. Normal Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM � 5:00 PM M-F; offered space must be accessible 24/7. Daytime cleaning during normal business hours is required. Other Requirements: On-site, secured, fenced, and gated parking is required for 85 Government Vehicles (GOV�s). Proposed parking cannot be located underneath the building. (Note: GSA reserves the right to review for approval all proposed parking options offered; to include the fence materials and gate mechanisms, and specifications being proposed) Fencing specifications will be further outlined in the RLP and the agencies special requirements, but at a minimum, shall be accomplished with standard galvanized chain link fencing 8 feet high with a 2-foot outrigger at the top at an angle of 45 degrees pointing outward. Parking must be well lit at all times. Access to parking is required (24-hours per day).�� Regularly scheduled public transportation and/or sufficient parking to cover commuting needs of employees must be located within reasonable and safe walking distance of the offered property. Proposed or existing buildings must have access, prior to lease award, to public utilities (gas, water, sewer, fiber optics, electric, etc.) to service the property GSA will occupy.� Not all minimum requirements are reflected in this advertisement. Offered space must meet all Government requirements contained in the RLP/Lease to be issued, including, but not limited to, the Agency Specific Requirements and Facility Security Level III requirements by the occupancy date per the terms of the Lease. Expression of Interest Submission Instructions/Requirements: Please provide the following basic information and descriptions pertaining to the building you propose for consideration.� All submissions should include the following information: Name of Owner; Property authorization letter from the owner; Address or locational description of the building; Age of building; Total existing gross square feet; and gross square feet per floor; Site plan depicting the building and parking; Floor plan and gross square footage of the proposed space; Identification of on-site parking; A map demonstrating the building is within the delineated area; A map depicting the location of public transportation stops within proximity to the property; A map depicting the evidence of amenities within close proximity of the property; Building owners must provide evidence of ownership.� Non-owners (e.g. prospective developers/lessors) submitting a building must provide evidence of permission or authority granted by property owner to submit the building to GSA for development; Any information related to title issues, easements and restrictions on the use of the building; A description of any planned land development or construction which will affect the building including neighboring projects and road/ utility line construction. If submitting a land site, offerors are required to provide the following information in addition to what has been requested: Accurate street address and/or cross streets; Ariel overview of the site with clearly marked property boundaries; Site pictures and those of surrounding area; Renderings of what is to be constructed; Zoning designation; Total acreage. Existing utilities or proposed utilities that access the property. (Note: Failure to submit the requested information may result in the property not being considered) Delineated Area: Submitted properties must be located within the delineated area, which is bounded by the following roads.� (Properties fronting any of the below roads are considered to be within the delineated area.) Beginning at the intersection State Road 54 and I-75. Travel south on I-75 to Woodberry Road. Go east on Woodberry Road to Lakewood Drive. Go south on Lakewood Drive to Selmon Expressway. Go west on Selmon Expressway and to Kennedy Blvd. Continue west on Kennedy Blvd to State Road 60 West. Continue north on State Road 60 West to Memorial Highway. Turn left on Memorial Highway and travel northwest to Sheldon Rd. Continue north on Sheldon Rd to Gunn Hwy. Proceed north on Gunn Hwy to State Road 54. Turn left and proceed west on State Road 54 to Starkley Blvd. Go north on Starkley Blvd to Rangeland Blvd. Go east on Rangeland Blvd to Cattle Gap Trail. Go south on Cattle Gap Trail to State Road 54. Turn on State Road 54 and proceed east to the intersection of State Road 54 and I-75. Expressions of Interest Due: June 3, 2022 Market Survey (Estimated): July 2022 Occupancy (Estimated): TBD Send Expressions of Interest to: Name/Title: Ed Brennan, GSA Broker Representative Sam Dyson, GSA Broker Representative Office/Fax: 202-652-4194/202-652-4190 Email Address: edward.brennan@gsa.gov samuel.dyson@gsa.gov Government Contact Information: Lease Contracting Officer Kazi Rizvi, General Services Administration Broker Ed Brennan, Public Properties
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