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99 -- Vehicle Wraps / Decals / Signs Removal and Installation of New Wraps, Grand Junction CO VA Medical Center

Notice Date
5/13/2022 4:28:15 AM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
339950 — Sign Manufacturing
Contracting Office
NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 19 (36C259) Greenwood Village CO 80111 USA
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
5/24/2022 11:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
John Cheng, Contracting Officer, Phone: 303-712-5776
E-Mail Address
This is NOT a solicitation or request for quote (RFQ). This is NOT a request for proposal (RFP). This is NOT a job advertisement for hiring employees. The VA is seeking QUALIFIED VENDORS to provide a very brief response to this notice including only just what is asked for in this notice below. This is sources sought notice to industry and the only information is posted on Contract Opportunities web page at SAM.gov. Sources sought means seeking qualified vendors. The attachments included on the Contract Opportunities page do not include any additional information. If your company is interested please read this notice entirely and submit the required information, as requested herein. Medical RV and Box Truck Vehicle Graphics Wrapping Services VA Western Colorado Health Care System BRIEF SCOPE OF WORK (This is for information only) IMPORTANT NOTE: This Sources Sought is for market research purposes only (to determine interested companies). No award will be made off this posting. VA is seeking qualified vendors who have interest and capability of performing services to provide The Contractor shall provide removal the existing decals / wraps from qty: 1 Medical RV and qty: 1 Mobile Audiology Unit Box Truck, utilize provided graphics design templates from attachments Exhibit A and Exhibit B to create new wraps/decals, and apply the wraps/decals to the vehicles. The contractor shall provide demo for existing wraps, utilize provided graphics to fabricate new wraps/decals and install new wraps/decals. If for any reason, any deliverable cannot be delivered on time according to the below schedule, the contractor shall provide a written explanation three days prior to the due date to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). This written transmittal shall include a firm commitment of when the work shall be completed. This transmittal to the COR shall cite reasons for the delay, and the impact on the overall project IAW the SOW. Evidence of documentation of the qualifications of personnel, shall be provided to the CO and COR prior to award of the contract. SOW Tasks and Deliverables: Task One. The contractor shall remove existing wraps on RV. (Exhibit A) Deliverable 5.1.1. Provide a bare vehicle, prepped for new wrap. Task Two. The contractor shall install the new wrap to the RV. Dimensions are: Front 69 x 12 , Driver s side 407 x 80 , Passenger side 376.55 x 80 , Rear 50 x 80 . Each area includes a 4 bleed. Deliverable 5.2.1. Contractor fabricated decals and wraps installed on RV. Task Three. The contractor shall remove existing wraps on Mobile Audiology Unit Box Truck. (Exhibit B) Deliverable 5.3.1. Provide a bare vehicle, prepped for new wrap. Task Four. The contractor shall install the new wrap to the Mobile Audiology Unit Box Truck. Dimensions are: Front 96 x 43 , Driver s side 315 x 102 and driver s door, Passenger side 315 x 102 and includes passenger door, Rear 96 x 102 . Each area includes a 4 bleed. See attached documents. Deliverable 3.4.1. Contractor fabricated decals and wraps installed on box truck. Schedule for Mandatory Deliverables. Table of Base Period Mandatory Deliverables Due Dates Purpose: The RV and Box Truck are used as mobile medical support stations and delays in returning these vehicles back to the Grand Junction VA Medical center beyond the timeline below will compromise the mission support of our Veteran patients. REFERENCE DELIVERABLE DUE DATE 5.1.1/5.3.1 Work location identified and secured. Vehicle wraps removed. Within 15 days after contract award 5.2.1/5.4.1 Contractor vehicles wrap complete. Within 10 days after the wrap removal is complete. Place of Performance. The Contractor shall perform work at their climate control facility. The facility shall for work performance shall be indoors and conditioned to ensure proper installation. Reason: Wraps are sensitive to the environment and Grand Junction can experience extreme weather. Even now, the desert can reach temperatures of 88 degrees in April and 100 degrees in May. These temperatures have the potential to bubble the wrap prior to it setting on the vehicle (within 48 hours of installation). And while we don t receive a lot of moisture, wind speeds can reach up to 25 MPH. Placing the side wraps outside on vehicles this large in 10+ MPH winds is a difficult task. Work shall be performed within 50 miles of WCHCS. Driving the two vehicles and the chase vehicle is tiring cost prohibitive. Round trip totals for the larger vehicles is roughly 200 miles and 100 miles for the chase vehicle and includes a loss of six to nine employee workdays. This shall be a non-personal services contract. The Contractor, its employees, agents, and subcontractors shall not be considered VA employees for any purpose of fulfilling the SOW and shall be considered employees of the Contractor. Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, shipping, transportation, insurances, licenses, certifications, and supervision necessary to provide services in accordance with this Statement of Work (SOW). The Contractor is responsible for all charges and fees related to disposal of materials generated by the Contractor. This is anticipated to be a commercial service acquisition under the authority of FAR Part 13, Simplified Acquisition Procedures for Commercial Items. IMPORTANT NOTE: This RFI (Request for Information) is for information only. No award will be made from this RFI. QUALIFIED VENDOR: A qualified source has the a) necessary equipment, vehicles, personnel, resources and current operations as well as b) recent experience (within past 2 years) of performing services of a comparable size, scope and complexity, AND c) certified technicians to perform services with unrestricted access to the facility during inclement weather. A qualified source also has current and valid registration in System for Award Management (SAM), https://www.sam.gov). Please communicate via e-mail to John.Cheng2@va.gov by 12:00 PM MDT on 24 May 2022 as to your company s ability to perform service per this brief Scope of Work and the following questions below: What is your company s socio-economic type(s)? ie: SDVOSB, VOSB, WOSB, Large Business, etc. What is your company s qualifications? Can your company perform the work specified in the SOW and supporting attachments within the 50 mile radius of the Grand Junction Colorado VA Medical center without subcontracting over 50% of the work? Information is being gathered for market research purposes only. Industry exchanges and vendor teleconferences are at the discretion of the Contract Specialist. This is not a request for quotes. DISCLAIMER: This is a Request for Information (RFI) from industry in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.201(e) and on the requirement, that exists for the VA Medical Center(s) identified in this RFI. This is not a request for quote and not a contract. This announcement is not a request for proposals; therefore, responses to the RFI are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI. No classified information should be included in the RFI response. Should you have concerns regarding this RFI you may request to contact the Contracting Office that will be assigned this requirement by emailing the sender of this RFI. Questions must be addressed in writing to the Contract Specialist. Requests for VA-business sensitive information, to include VA budget information, VA acquisition planning information, acquisition methods, strategies and set-asides must be addressed via the VA FOIA process: https://www.va.gov/foia/ Thank you for your interest in doing business with the VA. To learn more about the VA Mission, Vision, Core Values & Goals visit https://www.va.gov/about_va/mission.asp To understand the latest updates on the Veterans First Contracting Program visit https://www.va.gov/osdbu/verification/veterans_first_contracting_program_adjustments_to_reflect_the_supreme_court_kingdomware_decision.asp To find out how to do business with the VA visit https://www.va.gov/osdbu/library/dbwva.asp To become a CVE-verified VOSB or SDVOSB visit Home  · VetBiz Portal (va.gov)
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Place of Performance
Address: Department of Veterans Affairs VA WESTERN COLORADO HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Grand Junction Colorado VA Medical Center 2121 NORTH AVENUE, GRAND JUNCTION 81501, USA
Zip Code: 81501
Country: USA
SN06327311-F 20220515/220513230103 (samdaily.us)
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