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58 -- TRANSPORTABLE RADIO DIRECTION FINDING (TRDF) SYSTEM SOL N65236-99-R-0539 DUE 042199 POC William Tobin, Contract Specialist Code 1117BT, (843) 974-5950, William Thomas, Contracting Officer WEB: SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston, http://www.nise.spawar.navy.mil/NISEEast/Codes/10/rfp.html. E-MAIL: SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston, tobinb@spawar.navy.mil. SPAWAR Charleston intends to issue a sole source contract to Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), P.O. Drawer 25810, San Antonio, TX 78228-0510, for an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity, firm-fixed price supply type contract for Transportable Radio Direction Finding (TRDF) System (AN/SSQ-120) procurement. Antenna subsystem procurement for the AN/SSQ-120 includes High Frequency (HF) AS-4489/SSQ, Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency (UHF/VHF) AS-4490/SSQ, and AS-4490/SSQ with TACAN antenna mount. The contractor shall provide baseline, year 2000 compliant, AN/SSQ-120 System, AS-4489/SSQ, AS-4490/SSQ, and AS-4490/SSQ with TACAN antenna mount subsystem hardware, software, and documentation. Options are included to procure additional TRDF Systems, Antenna Subsystems and spare parts. Contract will be for a base of one (1) year with three (3), one (1) year options for a total of forty-eight (48) months. Estimated cost for the base year is $6,629,148; estimated total for base and all options is $28,572,456. This notice of intent is for supplies for which the Government intends to negotiate with one source IAW Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-1 [10 USC 2304(c)(1)]. Firms interested in subcontracting may contact the above contractor direct. Comments shall be submitted in writing to the above. SIC code is 3663 with 750 employees and FSC Code 5985 (AN/SSQ-120 TRDF) System and HF (AS-4489/SSQ) antennas, VHF/UHF (AS-4490/SSQ), AS-4490/SSQ with TACAN antenna mount, and Related Equipment) applies. Any other interested vendors are advised that this is a production contract for TRDF systems and equipment developed under a classified, competitive contract (Contract Nxxxxx-97-C-6476). The SPAWAR program office has expended funds to cover mast analysis, SAR, SIDS, PCA, training and CBT guide development, and Embedded Calibration operation procedures for the SwRI OEM equipment. Any other vendors interested in supplying 100% compatible equipment and software shall incorporate all cost associated with mast analysis,SAR, SIDS, PCA, training and CBT guides, Embedded Calibration operation procedures, and engineering/integration efforts associated with existing equipments. The TRDF System is designed as a transportable asset, configured in a manner, in which the below-decks equipment (processors, receivers, connectors, etc.) can be packed up and moved from one ship to another, installed, and operated after only minor database loads and system checkout by U.S. Navy Technicians. The key to the TRDF concept is the ability to pre-groom several ships with the TRDF antenna subsystems then cross-deck or transport the below-decks equipment between those ships as requirements dictate. This enables the U.S Navy to move the TRDF below-decks system from one ship to any other ship having the pre-groom in place, hooking it up to the antenna subsystem, performing the calibration procedure, and conducting a system checkout (using in-place Navy Technicians). This concept eliminates the need for contractor personnel to travel to, board the designated ship, and perform calibration and checkout of the system prior to operational use by Navy Technicians. The present TRDF System is configured to support the aforementioned operations and is in fact fulfilling that function to date. This configuration precludes hooking up another vendor's RDF system to SwRI antenna subsystems and conversely another vendor's antenna subsystem to SwRI's TRDF System and expecting a smooth transition both with the hardware interfacing and proprietary software algorithms designed to work with SwRI's TRDF System and antenna subsystems. SPAWARSYSCEN, Charleston's experience in deinstalling, reinstalling, calibrating, and checking out a wide assortment of signal exploitation systems suggests equipment from one vendor cannot be interfaced and run seamlessly/smoothly without extensive engineering research and special interface techniques for both hardware and software modules. All other questions and comments are to be directed to Mr. William Tobin at phone (843) 974-5950; fax (843) 974-5963; or e-mail address below. Posted 03/18/99 (W-SN310098). (0077)

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