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C -- Design of Construct Relocate & Patient Access Parking (VA-20-00015341)

Notice Date
4/7/2021 8:22:57 AM
Notice Type
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 19 (36C259) Greenwood Village CO 80111 USA
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/8/2020 1:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Robyn Young robyn.young2@va.gov
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
SDVOSBC Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside (FAR 19.14)
DESCRIPTION: This is a Pre-Solicitation Notice for the establishment of an Architect-Engineering (A-E) contract with services to be performed at the Cheyenne VAMC, located at 2360 E. Pershing Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82001. This requirement is being set-aside to Small Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) firms. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL; NO SOLICITATION PACKAGE WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL AFTER AN EVALUATION HAS BEEN MADE ON THE PROVIDED SF-330s. The SF-330 can be downloaded through the GSA Forms Library at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/type/TOP, scroll down to locate and click on the SF-330 hyperlink entitled, Architect-Engineer Qualifications. Written questions pertaining to this requirement should be submitted no later than 2:00 PM. Mountain Time (MT), May 20, 2020. Interested firms should submit their current SF-330, Parts I and II, to robyn.young2@va.gov. The SF-330s are due no later than 2:00 PM MT, June 8, 2020. SCOPE OF WORK: This project requires the services of an architectural engineering firm (AE) having special knowledge of parking structure design. The AE must have experience with multi floor parking structures, solar power energy considerations, and future expandability. Intent This project will provide professional architectural and engineering services (A/E) to provide design and construction phase services for an approximately 360-space 3 story multi-use parking structure to be constructed on approximately 35,000 square feet. This contract will provide construction documents to achieve that intent. Requirements The AE selected is expected to: Develop a full design-bid-build package and Request for Proposal (RFP) package for an approximately 360-space expandable multi-use parking structure utilizing a combination of cast-in-place concrete (foundations and walls) and precast concrete framing. The overall footprint will be limited to approximately 35,000 sq. ft. This structure shall include at least one (1) elevator, two (2) stairwells, security lighting & CCTV, emergency call system, site landscaping, and provisions for future expansion phases. Design, engineering, and surveying necessary for the removal of the existing surface parking, roads, and landscaped areas and relocation of all necessary roads and on-site and off-site utilities. The Design Team shall evaluate three sites provided by the Cheyenne VAMC and provide recommendations as to the final structure location as well as considerations on the number of levels that shall be above/ below grade in order to comply with the project and site constraints. The structure shall be designed so that it has the ability for future horizontal expansion. The roof of the structure shall have a solar array that will offset the power usage of the facility and can feed power into the campus s electrical grid. A minimum of 6 electric car charging stations shall be provided. A covered/ semi-enclosed walkway will be provided from the parking structure to the main entrance of the facility (Arrowhead Ambulatory Care doors) to provide a safe route for patients in inclement weather. Existing road and surface parking on the site impacted by this project shall be redesigned to comply with the VA Physical Security Design Manual for Mission Critical Facilities. The A/E services shall include (but not limited to) the following: Multi-disciplined design support and consultant services Proposed work plan approach; Site investigations, including surveying & testing, geotechnical studies and soils studies; Existing site utility locates; Civil engineering; Architectural design; Structural engineering; Universal design; Sustainable design; Environmental design including mitigation and permitting for any identified impacts; Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering, including fire protection; Electrical and Lighting design; Fire life safety, alarm, protection system; Physical security and access control systems; Wayfinding and signage systems design; Landscaping; State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) review; Construction cost estimating; Construction phasing; Environmental Protection, and other permits and approvals as appropriate; Preparation of high-end media to support public outreach programs; Design management approach and logistics plan development; Cheyenne VAMC Design Team QA/QC documentation detailed further in this document; energy computations, Green Globe studies/certification Life safety code studies Value Engineering studies/evaluations; Upon completion of the design documents, the Contractor shall assist the Government in preparation of bidding documents for construction. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing a bid tabulation broken down by division and major scope items that will be included with the solicitation and completed by the Construction Contractor. This bid tabulation will enable better analysis of contractor s bid pricing to aid in determining fair and reasonable pricing. The A/E shall provide construction period services during the construction of the project. These services shall include but not be limited to the following: Construction administration support Submittal review and tracking RFI responses and tracking Review of change orders and preparation of plans, details, supplemental specification and cost estimates to support the change. Periodic construction inspections (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil) Participation in weekly construction progress and planning meetings Preparation of As-built record drawings Commissioning: The Commissioning Agent shall include all tasks and provide all deliverables to complete the scope of work outlined below, further explanation of task and deliverables can be found in the Whole Building Commissioning Process Manual: Design Phase Commissioning Plan Design Review of Design, Plans and Specifications thought each phase of design Design Phase Commissioning Report Construction Phase Commissioning Plan Submittal & Shop Drawing Review Commissioning Construction Observations Systems Functional Performance Testing Testing and Balancing Verification Prepare Systems Manuals Systems Training Final Commissioning Report CODES, STANDARDS AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS VA has adopted the latest edition of the following codes and standards as a minimum for all projects performed in the modernization, alteration, addition, or improvement of its real property and the construction of new structures. VA design Manuals and Master Specifications specify other codes and standards that VA follows on its projects: VA Directives, Design Manuals, Master Specifications, BIM & CAD Standards, and other Guidance on the Technical Information Library (TIL) (http://www.cfm.va.gov/til/). International Building Code (IBC) (Only when specifically referenced in VA Design Documents) NFPA 101 Life Safety Code NFPA National Fire Codes Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards. VA Seismic Design Requirements, H-18-8 National Electrical Code (NEC) International Plumbing Code (IPC) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A 17.1. Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS) including VA supplement, Barrier Free Design Guide (PG-18-13) Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete, American Concrete Institute and Commentary (ACI 318) Manual of Steel Construction, Load and Resistance Factor Design Specifications for Structural Steel Buildings, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Energy policy Act of 2005 (EPA 2005) DOE Interim Final Rule: Energy Conservation Standards for New Federal, Commercial and Multi-Family High-Rise Residential Buildings and New Low-Rise Residential Buildings, 10 CFR Parts 433, 434 and 435. Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management. The Provisions for Construction and Safety Signs. Stated in the General Requirements Section 01010 of the VA Master Construction Specification. Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality ASHRAE Standard 62.1- 2004. 3.0 DELIVERABLES 3.1 The A/E will provide a categorized and detailed report indicative of any identified deficiencies and provide advisable corrective action options for multiple locations on-site, inclusive of the construction cost estimates for such actions. Once the deficiencies are identified, the A/E will provide a recommendation for the final building site. The report shall include photo documentation, scan results, marked up drawings and/or CAD files, and any other pertinent information used to properly assess current conditions to allow VA to make a well-informed decision. Cost increases over the basic corrective action costs resulting from impacts such as off-hours work, extensive phasing, and sound attenuation requirements are to be quantified and included in the cost estimates. The A/E, to include subcontractors performing professional services under this contract, shall perform its services consistent with the professional skill and care ordinarily provided by an A/E practicing in the same or similar locality under the same or similar circumstances. Documents shall be completed and submitted using the latest version of AutoCAD (.dwg), Revit, and Microsoft (MS) Word (.doc). Additionally, documents shall also be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Review comments shall be provided to the A/E team as MS Word documents and responses to same provided by the A/E team using MS Word documents or Adobe .pdf documents. All deliverables shall be submitted in hard copy form and electronic files, electronic files may be required to be provided on CD-ROM or DVD. The assessment shall be submitted to the Owner at phased intervals of progression of 15%, 35%, 65%, 95%, and 100% for review and approval. Each submission must be accompanied by a meeting led by the A/E to present the material for comment / approval. Distribution of material is to be as follows: First Submittal: (15%) Site Options Submittal requirements are detailed in the first paragraph of section 3.1. Two sets of 8.5 x 11 bound copies of the design analysis, including proposed site, massing, and above/ subgrade levels. CD(s) containing electronic versions of the design analysis and drawings or a digital submittal of the electronic documents via e-mail or file sharing site. First Review (35%) Design Analysis Two sets of 8.5 x 11 bound copies of the design analysis, including proposed design solutions. CD(s) containing electronic versions of the design analysis and drawings or a digital submittal of the electronic documents via e-mail or file sharing site. One full size (22 x 34) and one-half size (11 x 17) set of drawings. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)review of proposed site, elevations of structure etc. Second Review (65%) Two sets of 8.5 x 11 bound copies of the design analysis, including proposed design solutions. CD(s) containing electronic versions of the design analysis and drawings or a digital submittal of the electronic documents via e-mail or file sharing site. One full size (22 x 34) and one-half size set (11 x 17) of drawings. QA/QC d VA Review Comments from 35%. Pre-Final Review (95%) Two sets of 8.5 x 11 bound copies of the design analysis, including proposed design solutions. One set of 8.5 x 11 bound estimate Drawings in CAD and PDF One full size set (22 x 34) and one-half size (11 x 17) set. CD(s) containing electronic versions of the design analysis, estimates and drawings or a digital submittal of the electronic documents via e-mail or file sharing site. QA/QC d VA Review Comments from 65%. Final Contract Documents (100%) Two sets of 8.5 x 11 bound prints of the design analysis (study) and final construction cost estimate. Estimate shall be complete in every respect. Two (2) sets of full size completed and stamped drawings. The drawings shall be complete in every respect and shall be stamped by the responsible architect/ engineer respectively. CD(s) with updated AutoCAD Version 2014 or later drawings for each sheet, PDF formats of the drawings, design analysis, cost estimate, and specifications. Word Document (.doc) files of all the specifications. Revit (.rvt) file for the project. QA/QC d VA Review Comments from 95%. Each design submission must comply with the requirements of the VA A/E Submission Instructions for Minor and NRM Construction Program. Under no circumstances shall the construction cost budget be exceeded without the written modification to the design contract signed by an NCO 19 Construction Contracting Officer. NOTE: Prioritization during a design phase is typical and A/E is to work in concert with the VA to prioritize needs in order to design to established construction budget. Delivery of Equipment and Supplies/Description of Deliverable PERFORMANCE-PERIOD MILESTONES AND DESIGN FEE PAYMENT AMOUNTS PROJECT DELIVERABLES DATE (Each phase to include Construction Cost Estimate (Calendar days after and copy of QA/QC Plan signatures) NTP Issuance Date) PRE-DESIGN SUBMITTALS 30 Days QA/QC Plan Traffic and Parking Study Site Survey, Geotechnical, and Utility Studies CONCEPTUAL PHASE (3 Options) 60 Days Deliver Conceptual Review Material to VAMC and Contracting Officer 30 Days after approval of Pre-Design Submittals Review Conceptual Design Material with VAMC SCHEMATICS PHASE (35% Submittal) 120 Days Deliver Schematic Review Material to VAMC and Contracting Officer 30 Days after approval of Pre-Design Submittals On-site Meeting to Review Schematic Design Material with VAMC Provide SHPO review comments Government Submittal Review 10 Days DESIGN DEVELOPMENT (DD) PHASE (65% Submittal) 220 Days Deliver Design Development Material to VAMC and Contracting Officer not later than 90 Days after approval of Schematics Phase Submittals On-site Meeting to Review Design Development Material with VAMC Government Submittal Review 20 Days CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS (CD) PHASE (95% Submittal) 330 Days Deliver Construction Document Material to VAMC and Contracting Officer not later than 90 Days after approval of Design Development Submittals Review On-site Meeting to Review Construction Document Material with VAMC Government Submittal Review 20 Days FINAL CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS SUBMITTAL (100% Submittal) 380 Days Deliver Final Construction Document Material to VAMC and Contracting Officer not later than 30 Days after approval of Construction Document Submittals Review CONSTRUCTION PERIOD SERVICES (As-built Drawings, Construction Administration support, bid tour, construction meetings, etc.) Anticipated length of Construction is 12 to 18 months with 6 to 9 months for solicitation of construction contractor. Deliver Final As-built Materials to VAMC and Contracting Officer not later than 30 Days after Substantial Completion of Construction Contract COMMISSIONING SERVICES Provide for Building Commissioning Services during design and construction and provide final Commissioning Report at completion of Construction. Deliver Final Design Phase Commissioning Report and Construction Phase Commissioning Report to VAMC and Contracting Officer not later than 15 Days after Final Construction Documents and Construction Substantial Completion, respectively. Contract Deliverables Review, Acceptance, Rejection durations and process The Government shall have twenty (20) calendar days to review each of the above stated deliverables, unless otherwise noted, for Government s acceptance or rejection. Should the Government reject any deliverable, the Contractor shall resubmit the rejected deliverable to the Government within 7 days of the Government s notice of rejection for Government s second review. OFFERORS WILL BE EVALUATED ON THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: The submitted SF-330s will be evaluated on the following criteria: This acquisition will be in accordance with FAR Part 36.602-1 and VAAR Part 836.601-1. The following evaluation criteria will be used to evaluate SF-330 technical proposals: The A/E must demonstrate its qualifications with respect to the published evaluation criteria for all services. Evaluation Criteria (1) through (4) are considered most important and equal among themselves; Criteria (5) and (6) are of slightly less importance than (1) through (4) but are equal value among themselves. (1) Professional qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of required services; (2) Specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required, including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials; (3) Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time; (4) Past performance on contracts with Government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules; (5) Use of Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small businesses. (6) Location in the general geographical area of the project and knowledge of the locality of the project; provided, that application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the project. (7) Experience in construction period services. Criterion1 - Professional Qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of required services. Offerors will be evaluated in terms of the qualifications, competence and experience of the key personnel and technical team proposed to accomplish this work. Key personnel are individuals who will have major contract or project management responsibilities and/or will provide unusual or unique expertise. Provide a balanced licensed and or certified workforce in the following disciplines Architecture, Interior Design, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection Engineering, Environmental Design, Life Safety, Certified Value, and LEED/Green Globes. Submission requirements: Provide resumes for all proposed key personnel. Resumes are limited to one page each and should cite project specific experience and indicate proposed role in this contract. Provide professional registration, certification, licensure and/or accreditation. Indicate participation of key personnel in example projects in the SF-330 Part 1 Section G. Criterion 2 - Specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required, including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials. Offerors will be evaluated on specialized experience and technical competence in the performance of services similar to those anticipated under this contract with regard to: Experience with design of cast-in-place concrete (foundations and walls) and precast concrete framing parking structures at a commercial facility. Experience working with multidisciplinary teams providing a comprehensive design for parking structures. Experience coordinating with State offices of Historic Preservation to meet requirements. Submission requirements: Provide up to five (5) projects completed or substantially completed within the past five (5) years that best illustrate specialized experience of the proposed team in the areas outlined above. Example projects shall note project s square footage. All projects provided in the SF-330 must be completed by the office/branch/regional office/individual team member proposed to manage and/or perform work under this contract. To enable verification, firms should include the DUNS number along with each firm name in the SF-330 Part 1, Section F Item 25 Firms from Section C Involved in this Project, block (1). Include a contract number or project identification number in block 21. Include an e-mail address, and phone number for the point of contact in block 23(c). Include in the project description the contract period of performance, award contract value, current contract value, a summary of the work performed that demonstrates relevance to specialized experience as outlined above. If the contractor served as a subcontractor on a project, indicate the value of the work they provided towards the performance of the overall project. If a project was performed by a joint venture, and not all joint venture partners are on the team proposed for this contract, the offeror/team should specifically address the work performed by the joint venture partner offering/teaming on this contract. Likewise, if the offeror/team member worked as a subcontractor on a project, the description should clearly describe the work actually performed by the offeror/team member and the roles and responsibilities of each on the project, rather than the work performed on the project as a whole. If the project description does not clearly delineate the work performed by the entity/entities offering/teaming on this contract, the project could be eliminated from consideration. NOTE: If the Offeror is a joint venture, information should be submitted as a joint venture; however, if there is no information for the joint venture, information should be submitted for either joint venture partner, not to exceed a total of five (5) projects for this criterion. Projects shall be submitted on the SF-330. For submittal purposes, a task order on an IDIQ contract is considered a project, as is a stand-alone contract award. Do not list an IDIQ contract as an example of a completed project. Instead, list relevant completed task orders or stand-alone contract awards that fit within the definition above. Examples of project work submitted that do not conform to this requirement will not be evaluated. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being rated lower. All information for Criterion 2 should be submitted in Part 1, Section F of the SF-330. The Government WILL NOT consider information submitted in addition to Part 2, Section F in evaluating Criterion 2. Criterion 3 - Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Firms/teams will be evaluated in terms of their ability to plan for and manage work under the contract and capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Submission requirements: Describe the firm s ability to concurrently perform and manage multiple projects in different locations to meet aggressive schedules, multiple disciplines, and control costs and the firm s capacity to accomplish multiple projects simultaneously. Criterion 4 - Past Performance Offerors will be evaluated on past performance with Government agencies and private industry in terms of work quality, compliance with schedules, cost control, and stakeholder/customer satisfaction. Evaluating past performance and experience will include information provided in Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs) or CPARS/ACASS for Criterion 1 projects and may include other information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and other information available to the Government including contacts with points of contact in other criteria. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being rated lower. NOTE: Past performance information for projects listed under Criterion 1. Submission requirements: SUBMIT A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION FOR EACH PROJECT UNDER CRITERION 1. IF THERE IS NOT A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION, the Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) included in this notice is provided for the offeror or its team members to submit to the client for each project the offeror includes under Criterion 1. AN OFFEROR SHALL NOT SUBMIT A PPQ WHEN A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS IS AVAILABLE. IF A CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION IS NOT AVAILABLE, ensure correct phone numbers and email addresses are provided for the client point of contact. Completed PPQs should be submitted with your SF-330. If the offeror is unable to obtain a completed PPQ from a client for a project(s) before the response date set forth in this notice, offerors should complete and submit with their responses the first page of the PPQ (Attachment), which will provide contract and client information for the respective project(s). Offerors may submit a PPQ previously submitted under a different Notice/RFP (legible copies are acceptable) if it is on the same form as posted with this Synopsis. Offerors should follow up with clients/references to ensure timely submittal of questionnaires. If requested by the client, questionnaires may be submitted directly to the Government's point of contact, Network Contracting Office 19, Attn: Robyn Young via email at robyn.young2@va.gov prior to the response date. Offerors shall not incorporate by reference into their response PPQs or CPARS previously submitted in response to other A/E services procurements. However, this does not preclude the Government from utilizing previously submitted PPQ information in the past performance evaluation. Criterion 5 - Use of Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small businesses. The extent to which potential contractors identify and commit to the use of service-disabled Veteran-owned small businesses, Veteran-owned small businesses, and other types of small businesses as subcontractors will be evaluated. Submission requirements: Indicate Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) firms/teams previously used on projects submitted in Criteria #2. Criterion 6 - Location in the general geographical area (Cheyenne, WY) and knowledge of the Cheyenne VAMC, provided, that application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the project. Provided that the application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the contract, firms/teams will be evaluated on the locations of their office or offices that will be performing the work under this contract. Submission requirements: Indicate firms/teams location, including main offices, branch offices and any sub consultants offices and demonstrate how this will be advantageous to the Government. Criterion 7 - Experience in construction period services. Professional field inspections during the construction period, review of construction submittals, support in answering requests for information during the construction period, and support of construction contract changes to include drafting statements of work, and cost estimates will be evaluated. Submission requirements: Indicate from projects submitted in Criteria #2 the extent and magnitude of the construction period services in regard to the areas stated above included in those projects. SELECTION INTERVIEW: Interviews shall be scheduled with firms slated as the most highly qualified. Firms slated for interviews will be asked a series of established questions. Elaborate presentations are not desired. GENERAL INFORMATION: All design and work will conform to the current edition of the VA Master Specifications and VA Design Standards as published at the following site: www.cfm.va.gov; ASME, OSHA, IBC 2009, NFPA and NEC building codes and standards. Coordinate all work through the COR of Facilities Management Service. Contractor is responsible for all cleanups and refuse disposal throughout the construction period. The A-E firm will prepare drawings and specifications in sufficient detail such that qualified outside General Contracting companies can prepare accurate and timely proposals for the desired construction work. Microsoft Project scheduling and management software will be used by both the A-E and Contractors to allow for regular tracking of schedules and work by the VA Medical Center. Schedules with MS Project will be regularly sent to the COR upon project initiation and whenever significant changes occur in the schedule. The estimated magnitude of construction is between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000. The A-E will provide an initial estimate of cost to perform the above work and will design only those items that can be provided within the cost limitation. The Medical Center must remain operational throughout the construction period and a detailed sequence of work will be provided by the A-E to minimize impact of the construction. The A-E will provide documents at each submission as indicated in the statement of work. The NAICS code for this procurement will be 541330, Engineering Services. The current small business size standard for 541330 is $15.0 million. Requirement for Electronic Submission Unless paper offers are specifically authorized, all responses to this pre-solicitation notice must be submitted electronically as described below.� The only acceptable paper form for this requirement is the receipt of past performance questionnaires. Failure to comply with this requirement may jeopardize the possibility of receiving an award for the contract due to non-compliance with the terms of the solicitation.� You must submit your electronic offer, and any supplemental information (such as spreadsheets, backup data, technical information), using any of the electronic formats and media described below. In addition, contractors are notified of the award via an electronic Notice of Award e-mail.� The award document will be attached to the Notice of Award e-mail. Acceptable Electronic Formats�(Software) for Submission of Offers Files readable using the current Microsoft* Office version Products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access.� Spreadsheet documents must be sent in a format that includes all formulas, macro, and format information.� Print or scan images of spreadsheets are not acceptable.�� Please see security note below for caution regarding use of macros. When submitting construction drawings contractors are required to submit one set in AutoCAD and one set in Adobe PDF. (Purpose: contracting can open the PDF version and engineering can open AutoCAD files) Files in Adobe* PDF (Portable Document Format) Files:� When scanning documents scanner resolution should be set to 200 dots per inch, or greater. Another electronic format.�� If you wish to submit an offer using another format than those described in these instructions, e-mail the Contracting Officer who issued the solicitation. Please submit your request at least ten (10) calendar days before the scheduled closing date of the solicitation.�� Request a decision as to the format acceptability and make sure you receive approval of the alternate format before using it to send your offer. Please note that we can no longer accept .zip files due to increasing security concerns. E-mail Submission Procedures: For simplicity in this guidance, all submissions in response to a solicitation will be referred to as offers. Subject Line:� Include the solicitation number, name of company, and closing date of solicitation.� Use only one of the terms Quotation, Offer, or Bid depending on the solicitation type.� Size:� Maximum size of the e-mail message shall not exceed five (5) megabytes.�The SF330, in its entirety, shall not exceed one email of 5MB. The SF330 (not including past performance questionnaires) are limited to 30 pages. If the page limits are exceeded, the pages in excess of the limit will not be read or considered. Only one email is permitted unless otherwise stated in this paragraph or in writing by the Contract Officer submitting the solicitation. The Microsoft Outlook � Email time/date stamp will be used to date and time stamp offers for the official record of receipt for the submission. The date and time stamp in recipients inbox is the official record of receipt. Security Issues, Late Bids, Unreadable Offers Late submission of offers is outlined at FAR Parts 52.212-1(f), 52.214-7, and 52.215-1(c)(3).� Attention is warranted to the portion of the provision that relates to the timing of submission.� � Please see FAR 15.207(c) for a description of the steps the Government shall take with reg...
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