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58 -- Investigations Interview Camera

Notice Date
4/7/2021 12:05:20 PM
Notice Type
334310 — Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
Contracting Office
FA2543 460 CONF BUCKLEY AFB CO 80011-9572 USA
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
4/21/2021 12:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
JaCorian Duffield, Phone: 7208479945, LaTonya Benjamin, Phone: 7208476793
E-Mail Address
jacorian.duffield@spaceforce.mil, la_tonya.benjamin@spaceforce.mil
(jacorian.duffield@spaceforce.mil, la_tonya.benjamin@spaceforce.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
SBA Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
1. Description of Services. This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the actions for the Contractor to provide a system to record interviews in the scope of investigations conducted within building 1028 at Buckley AFB, CO. 2. Scope of Work. The Contractor shall provide all equipment, materials, installation and training. 2.1. Requirements. To provide Video Solutions Interview Technology (Getac or equivalent to) interview room recording system, that will be installed within the interview rooms located with the Security Forces Investigations suite. Please note, equivalencies must be fully compatible. System will include the following: System shall utilize non-proprietary video (.MPG4) and metadata formats (.XML) so that data can be accessed without additional proprietary software/video players. System shall utilize a non-networked or closed network system with all data staying within the system. Data cannot be uploaded to a centralized Cloud or Server configuration. System shall support Blackbox recording (constant recording to a separate drive. Can be enabled or disabled by administrator) System shall allow users to have system control access by username login credentials. System shall support data retention policies for data stored on DVR/base system. System shall allow user to export media (video and metadata) files to drive or DVD. System shall allow user to export metadata in a .PDF format. System shall allow interviewer to make notes before and after an interview. System shall provide manuals and instructions in either paper or electronic format on the DVR. System shall utilize TAA compliant Base System and Mobile/handheld recording device. One (1) Windows 10 base system with at least 2TB of SSD storage, Intel i5 processor, 8gb RAM -Base System (DVR) shall utilize a Full Windows 10 OS. This will allow for potential of Active Directory integration and networked solution in the future. -The Base recording system Digital Video Recording (DVR) base recording system must be fully rugged � MIL-STD 810G -The Base recording system (DVR) internal battery must be at least 4200 mAh backup contained within the DVR unit -The system must include a full 3 year warranty with extended warranty availability One (1) Dome Panoramic IP camera One (1) Fixed Focus IP Camera One (1) Cover IP microphone One (1) USB keyboard with SmartCard reader One (1) USB Wired Optical Mouse One (1) External DVD drive One (1) Dual Wired Speakers Two (2) Fully Rugged Handheld Cameras for Mobile Interview Recordings: System shall provide mobile/handheld video recording device that must meet the following characteristics: � Mobile/handheld recording device must be fully rugged, MIL-STD-810G, IP68. � Mobile/handheld recording device must be small (less than approximately 3� x 2.5� x 1�and lightweight (less than 5 oz) � Mobile/handheld recording device must support 1920x1080(1080p), 1280x720(720p), 640x480(480p) resolutions. � Mobile/handheld recording device must support between 120 degree and 140 degree diagonal field of view to provide the ideal view during a normal sit down interview � Mobile/handheld recording device must have at least 10 hours of recording time on one charge, with at least 90 hours of storage. All storage must be internal and encrypted with no user removable drive. � Mobile/handheld recording device must support a covert mode, wherein the mobile/handheld recording device does not make any audible sounds or display any lighting. � Mobile/handheld recording device must be able to offload video directly to base interview system and be integrated into same evidence management system. This will allow for categorization of recordings and assets, secure offloading, burning video to DVD/physical evidence, user authentication for secure viewing and data management � Mobile/handheld recording device must include 3 years of accidental damage protection warranty. � Mobile/handheld recording device must NOT include an universal external port (i.e. USB, micro usb) Two (2) USB Docking Stations 2.2. Installation. This system must by installed by the contractor and training conducted on-site. 2.3. Warranty and Service Agreements. The contractor WILL warrant its products against defects in material only under normal use and service, ordinary wear and tear expected, commencing on the date which is one year from the date of purchase to the earlier of three (3) years from the date of purchase or the period in which owned by the original purchaser, to include a three (3) year software license. 2.4. Certifications. Certification must be provided verifying applicable equipment is in accordance with FAR parts 52.204-24 (Representation Regarding Certain Telecommunication and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment), FAR 52.204-25 (Prohibition of Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment), 52.204-26 Covered Telecommunications Equipment or Services-Representation. 3.Government-Furnished Equipment, Property, and Services (GFE/GFP/GFS) 3.1. GFE/GFP/GFS. Except for those items or services specifically stated below the contractor shall furnish everything required to perform the services in this SOW. Everything Government-provided for will be for the sole purpose of direct performance of this contract. 3.2. Facilities. The Government will provide free use of heat, electricity, water, and sewer. Thereshall be no smoking except in authorized smoking areas. If a hazard is identified, contractor personnel shall notify the Government. No major or minor alterations or modifications shall be made to the facilities without prior written approval of the Government. 4.General Information. 4.1. All responsible sources may submit questions and/or quote to: Mr. JaCorian Duffield via email at jacorian.duffield@spaceforce.mil. Quotes must include an itemized list and pricing. Oral quotes are not acceptable in response to this notice. 4.2. Point of Contact. 460 CONF/PKB, JaCorian Duffield jacorian.duffield@spaceforce.mil, phone: 210- 269-2781 4.3. Pass and Identification. All contractor access will be coordinated through 460 SFS/S5, TSgt Bryan Collier at 720-847-9381. 4.4. Base Access. All contractor access will be coordinated through 460 SFS/S5, TSgt Bryan Collier at 720-847-9381 and/or SSgt Jason Dennis at 720-847-9024. 4.5. Contractor Registration. Contractor shall be required to invoice through the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) System at https://wawf.eb.mil. More information regarding WAWF will be provided upon contract award. The contractor must have current registration though System for Award Management (SAM), www.sam.gov. 4.6. Site Clean Up. Contractor will ensure all facility work areas are cleaned and left in the same condition prior to installation Questions need to be in by�4/14/2021 Solicitations needs to be in by 4/21/2021
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